Why Photos Make Meaningful Gifts for the Holidays and All Year Long

Woman with box, red bow hugging

  The most meaningful gifts you can give may be stuffed in forgotten envelopes or albums on a shelf: pictures of you and your family today and in years past.   Photos connect the generations You can read about the men and women who fought in World War Two, or you can share pictures of […]

How Storing Photos Online Connected a Family Across Continents

Old family portrait from Colombia

    Once a month, I’m having my friends share their experience storing photos online in a storage system they own and that’s guaranteed for a lifetime, plus 100 years. The above photo is from Margarita Buitrago, who I’ve known for almost 20 years. The picture is saved and will be accessible for generations to […]

Photo Tips for Taking Thanksgiving Family Pictures

Young Woman rolling sausage dough with girl

The time-honored tradition of Thanksgiving often brings mixed emotions. Look at all that Thanksgiving entails: Early U.S. history and lessons of survival An array of traditional American food—or not so American Questions on cooking the food Family blessings Family hurts Awkward conversations Lots of happy talk Wondering how to bring families together Early shopping for […]

A Tip for Researching Family History and Organizing Family Photos

Soldier World War Two

You come across a family photo that was tucked away in a photo album and wonder who’s in the picture. More questions surface and you decide to research your family history. What you learn about relatives from previous generations will help you weave a story of who you are and connect the past to the […]

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