Gift Giving to Strengthen Family Ties and Memories

Black and white photo of children at Christmas, 1962

Now that we’re in the holiday gift-giving season for 2023, here is how to give memorable gifts that strengthen your family ties and honor precious memories. Here’s what my Christmas holidays looked like when I was little. For my grandkids, wrapping paper is glossier and the lights twinkle differently but the spirit of wonder remains. […]

Giving the Gift of Photo Books All Year Long

Young girl giving present to older woman

Gift-giving happens all year long and for many different reasons like birthdays and anniversaries. Giving a meaningful gift can also happen just because you want to brighten someone’s day. Custom photo books  are perfect for gifts throughout the coming year—from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day and just as a way to express […]

Turn Your Photos into Christmas Gifts that Last and Get Used All Year

Radio stations, usually pop stations, are already changing their playlist and airing their annual Christmas music. Yep, it’s that time of the year once again. And with the season comes the topic that weighs on our minds: who do we buy gifts for and what do we give them? Perfume, soaps, and power tools are […]

Plan Your Holiday Gift-Giving Using Family Photos as Meaningful and Lasting Gifts

Some of the most meaningful gifts you can give for holidays, birthdays, or thank-you gifts may be sitting in boxes, on shelves, or hidden away in closets. They’re your family photos, videos, and more from years past. Read on and learn how to permanently store your photos, organize them, and give them as Christmas gifts […]

How Madelyn Brownell Uses Cloud Storage to Preserve Family Memories

Woman holding collage

You have photos stored on your phone, or your laptop and you’re wanting to get them all in one place. You also have all those old media files, too, like VHS tapes, slide shows, and more sitting on your shelves. We’re surrounded by computing power yet it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and we can’t figure […]

The Benefits of Giving a Mother’s Day Gift of Photos and Storage

Grandmother, granddaughter and mother

Moms who value family will enjoy a gift that brings all ages and generations together—family stories told through your photos like the one you see of my mother, my daughter, and me during a Mother’s Day celebration at my daughter’s preschool in 2004. And the way that they’re done, ensures that the photos will last […]

Why Photos Make Meaningful Gifts for the Holidays and All Year Long

Woman with box, red bow hugging

  The most meaningful gifts you can give may be stuffed in forgotten envelopes or albums on a shelf: pictures of you and your family today and in years past.   Photos connect the generations You can read about the men and women who fought in World War Two, or you can share pictures of […]

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