Happy Thanksgiving and May Your Holiday Weekend be Filled with Meaning

Woman and man taking selfie

  This Thanksgiving, I’m truly thankful for those from around the country who I’ve enjoyed knowing as clients, colleagues, and friends. Safeguarding your most meaningful memories isn’t just a business for me—it’s much more of a calling and I know how personal it is for you. I trust you’ll be able to recall your many […]

Gift Giving to Strengthen Family Ties and Memories

Black and white photo of children at Christmas, 1962

Now that we’re in the holiday gift-giving season for 2023, here is how to give memorable gifts that strengthen your family ties and honor precious memories. Here’s what my Christmas holidays looked like when I was little. For my grandkids, wrapping paper is glossier and the lights twinkle differently but the spirit of wonder remains. […]

Declutter Your Camera Roll and Get Ready to Store Your Holliday Memories

Scrollilng images on a smartphone

Let’s talk about getting in shape for the holidays by decluttering your smartphone of all the photos and videos you don’t need. We roll through the year taking photo after photo and taking videos of important moments. But we get so overwhelmed with all the files that it’s tough to know what you’ve taken and […]

Safeguarding Your Most Meaningful Independence Day and Summer Photos and Videos

Where will you safeguard and store your Independence Day and other summer photos and videos? Remember marveling at the burst of reds, blues, oranges and other colors in the fireworks displays going off on the Independence Day? What are your favorite memories? In Pasadena where I lived for many years, a major celebration takes place […]

Make Your Photos and Video in 2023 Last … FOREVER®

Did you capture some photos and videos of the eventful 2022 holiday season with exceptionally snowy and icy weather in places like Buffalo and Seattle? It wasn’t all fun and sleigh rides with flights delayed around the country and drivers getting stuck in snow drifts. In my previous home of Pasadena, the Rose Parade was […]

Organize Your Old and New Christmas Photos and Videos in the Same Place

Santa with children

Do you ever feel that your collection of Christmas photos and videos isn’t complete? Read on and I’ll show you how to organize and store all your photos, videos, and more in one place. But first, here are tips for taking Christmas photos so they’ll be fun to look at for years—and decades—to come. Christmas […]

Celebrate Your Family History During Christmas and New Year’s

child with Christmas lights

Have an old-fashioned Christmas this year. How? By researching your family history and piecing the history together with brief, written descriptions and your collection of photos and videos. I’d love to have Christmas photos of my parents and grandparents from the World War Two era and earlier. But like many of us, I don’t have […]

Turn Your Photos into Christmas Gifts that Last and Get Used All Year

Radio stations, usually pop stations, are already changing their playlist and airing their annual Christmas music. Yep, it’s that time of the year once again. And with the season comes the topic that weighs on our minds: who do we buy gifts for and what do we give them? Perfume, soaps, and power tools are […]

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