Best Methods for Organizing Photos and Videos in Digital Storage

If you store your photos and videos digitally, are you wondering how you can also organize them most effectively? Browse through any of my blog posts and you’ll see I use FOREVER® to digitize and store my most meaningful photos, videos, and other documents. As a photo coach with a career spanning three decades, I […]

Looking for a Home Business to Own? Try Photo Coaching to Benefit Families.

Woman in foreground on laptop, man in background on laptop

Photo coaching is a versatile home business you can own that achieves 3 important results: offers peace of mind connects the past and future generations brings hope and joy Read on to see why it’s been my career for almost 30 years. I named my business Safeguard Your Memories® because it’s satisfying and rewarding helping […]

Decluttering Tools to Organize Your Family Memories for Peace of Mind

Decluttering your home is never a one-and-done task, is it? The right tools and an organizing system will help you corral the stuff you gather and keep your home feeling comfortable and keep you distressed. How many times have you seen bills, sticky notes, and other papers scattered across your home office desktop but figured […]

Here’s how to permanently save and store your summer vacation photos and videos

A quick search of top vacation spots in the U.S. and Canada shows that national parks and Hawaii top the list for U.S. News and World’s Report Travel section. Glacier National Park was given the top spot while Maui came in second. Grand Canyon National Park came in third and Honolulu-Oahu came in fourth. Yellowstone, […]

Organize, Store, and Share Your Photos with the Ones You Love

Woman and man taking selfie

Make organizing and storing your photos a family-wide project, and enjoy doing it during special times like anniversaries along with special observances and holidays. It’s a year-round activity that can draw you closer together with others. I’ve been writing a lot about researching your family’s history by journaling photos, interviewing family members, and using free […]

Researching Family History with Photos and Digitizing Handwritten Letters

Person writing letter by old typewriter

If you’re researching family history, you know that photos and newspaper clippings are great sources of information to collect and share. But there’s another part of family history that we should never overlook … family letters. Letter writing is becoming a lost art and a lost chronicling of history due to the practical speed of […]

3 Easy Steps to Write Your Family Story When You Don’t Have Time

Old photos in a pile

Your family history is unique and your story is worth telling. But how do you do it in a busy world filled with the demands of jobs and families? Here’s a system you can set up and use for 10 to 15 minutes a day. But let’s first highlight what it means to write your […]

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