The Best Way to Safeguard and Store Photos, Videos, and Other Memories

Old photos

Kelly Quezada is a friend of mine and a business owner who uses FOREVER® to digitize old files and store them along with the newest photos and videos she takes. She knows the value of digitally storing photos, videos, and documents. But she’s also learned the hard way that not all digital storage like flash […]

The Best Digital Storage Solution for Photos, Videos, and More

Slide of family 1970s on vacation

Karen Goldberg knows digital storage is the best way to manage photos, videos, and other memories. But not all digital storage is the same and there’s only one solution she truly trusts. Technology Ups and Downs Technology is now woven into our daily lives, but when technology changes and becomes obsolete you’re in danger of […]

Here’s Your Photo and Video Storage Solution for Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Woman in bridal dress and veil

Nancy Launi found a family treasure she didn’t know existed—a home movie of her parents from 1953 walking in and out of the church where they got married. It was among a few dozen home movies that had been stored and not seen for almost 50 years. She got the fragile film safely digitized thanks […]

Protecting Your Essential Documents, Including Photos, Videos, and Other Memories

Photo of flooding and mud in Palm Springs

TV news and social media in my area in greater Palm Spring was filled with scenes from the fast-moving Hurricane Hilary. The tropical storm swept through the desert cities stranding drivers and forcing a nursing home evacuation in places like Cathedral City. In La Quinta where I live our weather is normally quite boring. We […]

Looking for a Home Business to Own? Try Photo Coaching to Benefit Families.

Woman in foreground on laptop, man in background on laptop

Photo coaching is a versatile home business you can own that achieves 3 important results: offers peace of mind connects the past and future generations brings hope and joy Read on to see why it’s been my career for almost 30 years. I named my business Safeguard Your Memories® because it’s satisfying and rewarding helping […]

Safeguarding Your Most Meaningful Independence Day and Summer Photos and Videos

Where will you safeguard and store your Independence Day and other summer photos and videos? Remember marveling at the burst of reds, blues, oranges and other colors in the fireworks displays going off on the Independence Day? What are your favorite memories? In Pasadena where I lived for many years, a major celebration takes place […]

Here’s how to permanently save and store your summer vacation photos and videos

A quick search of top vacation spots in the U.S. and Canada shows that national parks and Hawaii top the list for U.S. News and World’s Report Travel section. Glacier National Park was given the top spot while Maui came in second. Grand Canyon National Park came in third and Honolulu-Oahu came in fourth. Yellowstone, […]

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