Trusted, Permanent Storage for Photos, Videos, Letters, and More

Person writing letter by old typewriter

A friend of mine was visiting his childhood home and was cleaning an upstairs attic that his elderly father could no longer clean. He found a shoebox covered with dust, opened the lid, and saw it stuffed with letters. He pulled one out and saw dozens more letters his deceased mother had written to his […]

Reasons to Digitize Old Memories like Postcards, Letters, and Awards

Hands of older person filing through old letters

You find a postcard from your trip to the Grand Canyon or that special vacation you took to Italy decades ago. And you want to save it for your grandkids and their grandkids. How do you safely store it? That’s what I’m tackling this week. Postcards from the past are memories worth saving just like […]

The Life-Changing Benefit of Storing Your Memories Permanently

Woman writing notes near her laptop

I know why it’s tough to store your photos, videos and more in a safe, secure place. It seems like you don’t have time. So many other things are priorities. But storing your memories digitally—and permanently—has lifetime benefits for your family that will last for generations to come. Here’s a brief story: My family used […]

Safeguarding More than Your Family Photos and Videos

Older woman baking with teen girl eating cookie

I store my most meaningful photos and videos in the platform FOREVER®, but did you know that you can store other memories that enrich our lives? Think about it. Our family photos and videos are worth saving, storing, and preserving but those aren’t the only items that reveal who we are and show us what’s […]

How to Store Your Photos Digitally and Still Use Printed Photo Books

Storing your photos digitally is the best way to make them last. And I’ll tell you about a platform I use that’s the only permanent storage solution that I’ve found. But first, let’s acknowledge a truth: holding printed photos is fun. You’ll notice I refer to a few different friends of mine who are also […]

Costco is Moving Online Photo Services to Shutterfly–What that Means for You

Laptop screen with fingers on keyboard

Have you heard that Costco is shutting down its online photo service and transferring customers to Shutterfly? The deadline is Jan. 31, 2024 and on Feb 1. 2024 CostCo will delete all photos. Let me know if you’re affected by this news in the photo storage industry. Please share this blog with family and friends […]

Organize Your Old and New Christmas Photos and Videos in the Same Place

Santa with children

Do you ever feel that your collection of Christmas photos and videos isn’t complete? Read on and I’ll show you how to organize and store all your photos, videos, and more in one place. But first, here are tips for taking Christmas photos so they’ll be fun to look at for years—and decades—to come. Christmas […]

The Life-Changing Impact of Digitizing Old Media Files

Old photos in a pile

There are life-changing benefits for digitizing family photos and all of your older media files. Your most meaningful memories get updated into usable files, but something else happens as well. Read on and learn how digitizing your files can impact your family for generations to come. Let’s glimpse at some shots with my dad. Like […]

7 Benefits of Permanent Digital Photo Storage using FOREVER®

Old photos in a brown box

It’s fun to thumb through those traditional photo albums and relive our most meaningful memories. But they risk becoming lost or damaged. And how do you access VHS tapes and those older 8mm home movies and slide shows? You can watch newer videos on your phone but they’re eating up memory. You can share them […]

How Safely Stored and Well-Organized Photos Bring Hope and Peace of Mind

Photo book with man on cover

In the hectic pace of daily life, we often overlook the importance of soaking up meaningful memories with family photos and videos. Until a time of personal crisis strikes and we long for photos and videos to remember the face and voice we knew. Amy Vanden Berg is a good friend and colleague with personal […]

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