The Best Smartphones to Buy on Your Budget from $700 and Less

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Okay. You’re looking for the phone of your dreams, although if you’re at dinner with the man or woman of your dreams then put your phone research on hold. But I get it. Your smartphone is your tool to capture a lifetime of memories. Research shows that 92% of all images taken in the U.S. […]

Consider a Photo Coaching Business Part-Time or Full-Time

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If you’re looking for a home-based business to help people with their peace of mind, then consider becoming a photo coach. I’ve been one for 26 years and I’ve seen the need become greater than ever. Why is this a solid business opportunity? Here are some reasons.   Americans take more photos than ever Smartphones […]

Smartphone Picture Taking Tips to Use Right Away

Our smartphones are amazing inventions, handheld computers with a capability for taking quality pictures and videos to share now and with future generations. It’s easy to snap and shoot, but do you the best ways to capture quality images? Read through these tips that will help you get the best look now and for future […]

Best Camera Phones for 2021 and Digital Storage Tips for Photos

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If you’re searching for smartphones with the best cameras, then use the following list and reviews posted below as a guide. What you read about here doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy something new and expensive because what’s ranked number one for someone else may not meet your needs. Benefit from the […]

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