How to keep your old photos safely stored for many generations                                                                                     

Woman looking at photo album

If you’re wondering how to keep your old photos safely stored now and for future generations then I’d like you to consider the power of digital storage. You might think you know about digital storage thanks to social media, free photo storage platforms like Google Photos, and companies like Shutterfly. Walgreens also stores photos and […]

Giving Family Research as a Gift

Woman glasses, green shirt, holding book

Think through all the gifts you can give from new clothes and sports equipment to vacations and food baskets. How many gifts that you give will be enjoyed and have meaning into 2024? Clothes make you feel good, but they get tattered. Food baskets eventually get eaten and forgotten. Here’s a gift idea you can […]

Organize Your Photos to Discover Family and Leave a Legacy

The Value of Organizing Your Family Photos We know the challenges faced during Covid-19, but did you have a chance to slow down, breathe and organize around your home? Applause if you tossed old files and broken toys. But what about those photo albums and hundreds of photos on your phone, Facebook or Google Drive? […]

Another Anniversary of Organizing and Preserving Your Photos

From Then to Now Since March 1995, I have been living my purpose as a photo coach—helping families organize photos, safeguard their memories and preserve their family history for future generations. That’s 26 wonderful years of helping preserve memories in photos, videos on cassette and VHS tapes, slides and those old floppy discs. Just think of the […]

Saving those football memories and tips for shooting good football photos

Photo of line of scrimmage

Football season is kicking off for all ages. Now’s the time to get ready and store those football photos and videos so you and your kids—and your great-grandkids—can look back on them, relieve memories, and learn how the sport has changed.     Okay, you can guess by this photo taken when my kids were […]

Make Your Memorial Day Weekend Last for Generations to Come

Black and white photo of mn in long coat and military cap

Here’s an easy way to organize and store memories of Memorial Day weekend and other summer moments like July 4th and moments in and around the home. If you’re swatting bugs while camping, attending a Memorial Day parade, or hanging out at the house you have plenty of older and newer memories to save and […]

Teaching Future Generations Your Family’s Identity through Stored Family Stories

Young girl giving present to older woman

Remember struggling through a job transition or wondering how you were going to graduate from college or raise a family? You did it—with some bumps and bruises along the way. You’ve certainly learned important life lessons that you’d like to pass on to future generations if you’re a great-grandparent, grandparent, or parent. How did you […]

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