Develop a Family Photo Taking Strategy

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One of the reasons that early films from Walt Disney were popular was that he knew a secret to storytelling—life’s moments are never totally happy nor are they totally sad. We live in a mixture of ups and downs so why not take photos that will show the various sides of your family’s lives and challenges?

Of course, we like positive memories so you don’t have to collect sorrowful pictures. But showing that you made it through challenges can serve to inspire others.

Consider this approach:

  • A job loss – show images of you or a loved one tackling the challenge of finding a new job
  • Enduring chemotherapy or some other health challenge
  • Praying for each other during a tough family time
  • Helping a neighbor or friend move

Challenges are often when we grow and personally develop in new ways. They can draw us close together. You can take portraits in difficult moments or good times.

Of course, there are great times to capture as well like weddings, graduations, first day of school and birthdays. I’ve got different products to fit different needs.

Among the most treasured family memory that you want to safeguard are wedding photos. Sure, the couple is the focal point but family members are key as noted on

How Many Family Pics are Enough?

As you think about taking family photos for the rest of this summer and into the months beyond, here’s an article on family photography that poses an important point—we’re not taking enough family photos.

“Our generation generally takes photographs to share with our friends and family, and the idea that images will survive beyond our lifetime typically slips our minds.”

Here are tips for taking family photos from Digital Photography School like:

Make sure the family is prepared—or at least aware, you don’t have to dress too cute or to the hilt

Buy a toy or something fun from the Dollar Store or 99 Cents Only store to make little kids happy

Grab a shot, if you can, of parents playing around with the kids.

Digital Storage

The best digital storage option that I use gives me a lifetime of storage plus 100 years. I offer clients a couple of gigabytes of storage for free so they can learn to make albums, store the most important pics and share what was happening in the image.

Here’s what I advise clients:

As you snap away with your pics, choose the ones you want to keep and begin deleting the others.

Open an online album (that you own—I can show you how this works) and upload your photos.

As you pull in pictures from past years evaluate how many family photos you have and then try to envision the future.

What types of photos might you need to fill in and give a complete view of your family?

Communicate to your children, small or adult, and let them know.

Share your link to your online storage with them and make them part of the project.

I’m Here to Help

I’m here to help families organize new photos, digitize older media and offer permanent storage.

Contact me for a time to share your needs and ask questions.




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