New Ways to Discover Your Family History, Share Favorite Pics and Store Memories

Teen girls with grandfather on patio
From Great-grandaughter, friend to great-grandfather; Photo by Don Simkovich

Family photos that we find in shoeboxes, dusty albums and hallway drawers can spark our imaginations and take us back in time—or take us back to well before our times.

Those photos come alive even more when they’re part of a real story that’s been researched and supported with credible facts. It becomes a genealogy where the people that you see in a photo become real and, through them, we begin to see a little of who we are.

Here’s what new and we’re rolling out with Safeguarding Your Memories.


Benefits of Knowing Your Family Story

Here are some benefits of uncovering more of your family story, available through the New York Public Library, quoting a survey that was conducted in 2014:

  • 72% said it helped them be closer to older relatives
  • 52% said they discovered ancestors they had not known about
  • You are doing a service by leaving a legacy, no matter how small or large


How I Facilitate Your Family Research

Person holding smartphone, taking picture of people at a table
Photo by: Askar Abayev, Pexels

Find out more of who your family is—and more of who you are.

Do you see that World War Two photo on a shelf? Or that World War One era picture?

What happened before that—and circumstances changed the course of your family history?

Maybe your great-grandfather had a flourishing business or your grandparents fled to California during the 1930s Depression to find work and raise a family.

Research professionals will guide you through a one-hour consult so you can get started on your own research project. Or, you can choose a monthly plan that has a set number of hours per month.

Find out more by clicking the Family Research project.


Sharing Your Photos Here

You may have personal, family or even business pictures that you want to share publicly. It’s nice to get recognition for a photo that you enjoy. You can also be an inspiration to others.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing themes like back to school, holidays and others where you can share your pics.

We save memories for ourselves, but they take on a deeper dimension when they’re shared in a community, too.

Safeguarding Memories with Your Digital Space

You may know that I’ve been a photo coach for 26 years and truly love what I do. I’ve always kept up on the technology and services that prove to be the greatest benefit to my clients.

I’ve been excited to see so many families use their digital photo albums to store their pictures.

The same principles I’ve developed from my initial business days still apply:

  • Noting who is in the picture
  • Why it’s important or memorable—is it a milestone?
  • Where was it taken?

It’s easy—and safe—to store your images now for a lifetime, plus 100 years.

That may seem impossible, but you can contact me and I’ll show you why it’s realistic.

The safety of you and your images is of critical importance to me.

Digital storage may seem safe to some, while others have their suspicions.

After all, free comes with a catch.

Read this blog post, but free social media sites like Facebook and Instagram along with Google photos will use your data for marketing and advertising purposes. They have expenses, remember.

And on sites where you’re paying a fee, you don’t own your space. You keep paying the fee just like you’re renting and the companies can change their Terms of Service any time they want to. That means you’re vulnerable to upgrades, or your account being temporarily shuttered, or permanently closed down.


I’ll be Glad to Help

If you need any help with the following, let me know:

  • Organizing your photos
  • Converting old media formats to digital
  • Opening an online photo album that you own


Contact me and share your needs and questions.


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