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Embark on your family history journey with our expert assistance, as we guide you in uncovering and piecing together the intricate puzzle of your ancestry. Together, we’ll reveal the rich tapestry of your family’s past, helping you understand and celebrate your unique heritage.

What is Family History Research?

Family history research is the process of exploring and documenting one’s ancestral lineage. This research involves various methods such as accessing public records, examining historical documents, and utilizing genealogy databases. Researchers often delve into birth, marriage, and death records, military and immigration files, and census data. Oral histories and family heirlooms can also be significant sources.

The goal is to piece together the story of one’s ancestors, understand their life experiences, and connect with one’s heritage. Different options available in this research include DIY genealogy projects, consulting with professional genealogists, and using online genealogy platforms to gather and organize information.

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Discover a wealth of resources designed to make your family history research both thorough and enjoyable. From detailed databases that offer a glimpse into your ancestors’ past to intuitive software for organizing and analyzing your findings, these tools are invaluable for both novice and experienced genealogists. Additionally, our curated selection includes guides, tutorials, and community forums, providing you with the support and knowledge to effectively navigate your genealogical journey.

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Our expert team is equipped to help both newcomers and seasoned researchers in uncovering their family history. We delve into the past to reveal your ancestors, document their lives, and share their stories with you. This way, you can honor your heritage today and ensure it’s preserved for future generations with FOREVER®

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Our Coaching Projects are ideal for the enthusiastic family genealogist who prefers to conduct their own research but seeks additional support. We offer professional guidance, training, and recommend resources to enhance your skills and resources, empowering you to lead your unique, hands-on genealogy exploration.

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If you’re curious about your family history but not ready for a full-scale research project, or if you’re looking for guidance to start your own research, consider booking a 1-hour consultation with our experts. They can provide valuable insights and directions to kickstart your genealogical journey.


Family Research Questions Answered

Find the answers to your family history queries in our comprehensive FAQ section. We cover everything from getting started in genealogy research to utilizing advanced tools and techniques, ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to explore your family’s past.

Family history research involves exploring ancestral lineage, using various records and sources to uncover your family's past.

Begin by collecting known family information, then utilize genealogy databases and public records to trace further back.

The duration varies greatly, depending on the complexity of your family history and the availability of records.

Genealogy research can sometimes lead to finding living relatives or lost family branches.

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