Best Methods for Organizing Photos and Videos in Digital Storage

If you store your photos and videos digitally, are you wondering how you can also organize them most effectively? Browse through any of my blog posts and you’ll see I use FOREVER® to digitize and store my most meaningful photos, videos, and other documents. As a photo coach with a career spanning three decades, I […]

How to Research and Store Your Family’s History for Future Generations

Family Book from Germany

  If you’re enjoying researching your family’s history, you need a way to safeguard all the fun facts and stories you’re uncovering. You need a system to: Store new family stories Journal what your ancestors achieved and the difficulties they overcame Pass along fun stories to your children and grandchildren—and their children Developing your family […]

Researching Family History: Meeting His Grandfather Almost 100 Years After His Death

Man in 3 piece suit outdoors, pointing

Researching family history often starts with a natural curiosity about someone we’ve heard about and seen in photos. If you know what their occupation was you can dig deeper into their story. Now, I’m a photo coach who loves seeing how families use old photos to research their family’s history and learn something new. The […]

Looking for the Best Home Businesses to Start? Try Photo Coaching

Home office looking outside

If you’re looking to start a home business, I suggest you consider becoming a photo coach. I’ve been a photo coach for 28 years this coming March, the month of my business anniversary. My career allowed me to develop an income so I could stay home with my children when they were young while giving […]

3 Easy Steps to Write Your Family Story When You Don’t Have Time

Old photos in a pile

Your family history is unique and your story is worth telling. But how do you do it in a busy world filled with the demands of jobs and families? Here’s a system you can set up and use for 10 to 15 minutes a day. But let’s first highlight what it means to write your […]

Tips on Organizing and Permanently Storing Your Summer 2022 Photos and Videos

Man, woman, holding baby on beach

Now that summer 2022 is fading, start preparing to organize your photos and safeguard them permanently. Where? A private, secure digital storage solution that you own and where you can gather your most meaningful memories in one place.   Organizing Your Recent Photos and Videos You may have a backlog of photos and videos going […]

5 Steps to Safeguarding Your Memories with Permanent Storage

Cartoon of two rabbits looking at a plug-in phone

Easter week is here and Mother’s Day is coming up in a few weeks and family gatherings are a great way to begin journaling your family photos. It’s so easy to snap pictures, but it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with how many images are on your smartphone. We naturally think of keeping all of […]

See How I Started My Photo Coaching Career

Little girl white dress1910

  My story of how I’ve built Safeguard Your Memories® began like most businesses do—trying to solve a problem or dilemma. I faced a reality that many young families encounter like raising kids and balancing household needs. In 1992, two months after my daughter was born, I became a stay-at-home mom. After two years, we […]

Enjoy Organizing and Storing Photos to Show Your Family History

Cindy's family with her parents and sisters

  Get started on illustrating your family history using photos, videos, and key documents that you find and collect. During February, I’m having a special focus on our family histories that includes preserving the stories for future generations. Your Family History Your family’s story is unique and it’s not just for you to enjoy now. […]

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