Best Methods for Organizing Photos and Videos in Digital Storage

If you store your photos and videos digitally, are you wondering how you can also organize them most effectively? Browse through any of my blog posts and you’ll see I use FOREVER® to digitize and store my most meaningful photos, videos, and other documents. As a photo coach with a career spanning three decades, I […]

Declutter Your Camera Roll and Get Ready to Store Your Holliday Memories

Scrollilng images on a smartphone

Let’s talk about getting in shape for the holidays by decluttering your smartphone of all the photos and videos you don’t need. We roll through the year taking photo after photo and taking videos of important moments. But we get so overwhelmed with all the files that it’s tough to know what you’ve taken and […]

Reasons to Digitize Old Memories like Postcards, Letters, and Awards

Hands of older person filing through old letters

You find a postcard from your trip to the Grand Canyon or that special vacation you took to Italy decades ago. And you want to save it for your grandkids and their grandkids. How do you safely store it? That’s what I’m tackling this week. Postcards from the past are memories worth saving just like […]

Launch a Photo Coaching Business to Help Families Safeguard Their Memories

Photo coaching is a tremendous business opportunity where you can help families bring all of their most meaningful memories into one safe, secure digital place. And I do mean all of their memories. I’ve been a photo coach for almost 30 years and we’re living in a time when so many families have so many […]

3 Reasons to Start Professional Photo Organizing as a Full-Time or Part-Time Business

Old photos in a brown box

Organizing family photos is challenging when you’ve got photos scattered among traditional scrapbook albums, devices like phones, and different social media sites. I’ve been a photo coach for 27 years, showing clients how to select and preserve the memories that matter the most. You can also contact me and others I work with as professional […]

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