Why Choosing Photo Coaching is a Smart Home-Based Business to Start in the New Year

If starting a home business interests you, then I suggest considering business opportunities with photo coaching.


Families are overwhelmed with the number of digital photos and videos that fill up their electronic devices.

They need a permanent storage solution, not just social media or low-cost sites for a monthly subscription where data is sold to advertisers.

External drive and two photo albums
External drives have limits; photo by Don Simkovich

The need for photo coaches

We’re still caught in a transition between older media files and the digital era. Look around your home or the homes of friends and family and you’ll see traditional scrapbook albums and VHS tapes on shelves.

How about photos and videos stored on CDs and external hard drives? Older relatives will still have slides and 8 mm home movies.

Those media files are obsolete and run the risk of being ruined and damaged beyond use. Family history will be lost!

You can build a sustainable and profitable business around a solution that I’ve integrated into my business during the past several years: FOREVER®. It’s an all-in-one memory preservation solution that’s guaranteed to safeguard memories for a lifetime, plus the next 100 years and beyond.

Woman at computer sipping coffee, petting dog
How do you choose the home business right for you? Photo by Samson Katt, Pexels

I’ve been a photo coach for almost 30 years and I enjoy sharing why I believe FOREVER® is the best solution on the market.

You can try it for no obligation with 2 free GB of storage space.

But I first suggest you do a brief assessment on what you’re looking for in a home-based business.


Assessing a home-based business opportunity

Here are qualities to consider:

  • Income potential
  • Flexibility with business and family
  • Helping others
  • Professionalism
  • Easy to learn
  • Low-risk investment

Innovation—which we might not think about, but innovation drives business creation, survival (or sustainability) and value creation, according to a report in the Journal of Business Models (the link is below). I’ve found that FOREVER® is a company that embraces on-going research and development.


My career

I stepped out of the corporate world and wanted to stay home with my young children, yet I wanted a business that met my professional needs and skills. My income needs were met and professional skills through helping families organize their photos and journal about them.

I saw the need to preserve these stories.

Grandmother, granddaughter and mother
My mother, daughter, and me during a preschool Mother’s Day celebration 2004

My core values have stayed the same, helping families preserve their most meaningful memories through my business Safeguard Your Memories®.

Photo coaching has been enjoyable and I’m able to provide my clients with a variety of services through one platform:

Plus, I get to work with like-minded people across the U.S. and Canada.

Leverage a business model that’s proven effective.

A colleague, Madelyn Brownell, had a technical background in programming and she loved helping people with their family history and photo organizing. She’s an entrepreneur and several years ago, she saw how families needed help.

Woman holding baby looking at photo book
Madelyn made an ABC photobook for her grandson for his 3rd birthday

She learned about FOREVER® and knew that even with her technical background, the company was forging an exciting path and joined forces.

Read about her here: How Madelyn Brownell Uses Cloud Storage to Preserve Family Memories.








Photo coaching is versatile

This is a versatile business opportunity. You can be a young parent wanting to develop an income that allows you to stay home with your children like me. Other photo coaches have used this as a stepping-stone to a second career.

If you’re already a service professional in an industry like estate planning or insurance, you can integrate FOREVER® with your existing portfolio of services. You’re enabling families to preserve their legacy into the next century and beyond.


I’m Here to Help


Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me and mom today


Contact me with questions you have on running a home-based business and the possibility of photo coaching. I’ll share my experience, and if the business is a fit for you then great.

I suggest you try out FOREVER® with no obligation.

Get 2 free GB of storage space so you can experience uploading photos and creating digital albums.

Check my website, too, for helpful Events to get the most from using FOREVER®.


Click here for the link to the report I mentioned above on home-based business models by the Journal of Business Models.


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