2 Questions You Need to ask about Storing Your Photos, Videos, and Other Memories

Imagine your wedding photos and videos being available for a great-great-grandchild and their children to view in a hundred years or more from now.

It’s possible with the right kind of digital storage.

The digital age is awesome. Look how easy it is to send files through text messaging and email, upload photos and videos to social media or stores like Walgreens for printing.

Gone are the days of only using traditional scrapbook albums to share your most meaningful memories.

But how safe are your photos and videos? Not all digital storage is the same.

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Smartphone screen, woman holding
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I believe families should safeguard your most meaningful memories because they chronicle your lives and depict your family story. It’s unique to you and no one else can tell it.





I’ve been a photo coach for 28 years and launched my business in March 1995.

After moving into the digital age from print and video I’ve found the best platform on the market: FOREVER®, a truly comprehensive memory-keeping and storage system. It’s what I use personally and with my clients.

I’d enjoy showing you how FOREVER® works with a brief virtual tour.

Scroll to the end of this post to learn more and contact me.


Where do you currently store your older media files?

We live in a fascinating time with photos still placed neatly in scrapbook albums.

How many do you have from recent years and how many are from years ago? Check your closets and desks for VHS tapes that you probably haven’t seen in quite a while.

Do you have old slide shows lying around, 8mm movies, and handwritten letters?

Preserve them by using FOREVER® to digitize them and place them in an account that you can own where they’re permanently safe . And when digital formats of today change, they will be migrated to newest formats at no additional cost to you or future generations thanks to the FOREVER® Guarantee Fund.

How do I make that claim?

FOREVER® guarantees the storage of your memories for your lifetime, into the next century and beyond. I’ll gladly go over how why I have confidence that my photos, videos, and more are now stored permanently.

Screenshot of digital photo album
My main album, Travel Memories, has sub-albums or nested albums

What’s the difference between FOREVER® storage and other types of digital storage?

Let’s look at the storage devices you use and online storage services.

Difference 1: equipment fails.

Michelle is a friend of mine who has always done a wonderful job of storing photos and more on her computer. She’s careful, organized, and conscientious—and she had uploaded about 25,000 photos.

But there was one problem that she didn’t anticipate.

Her computer crashed.

She lost about 1/3 of her photos.

“I had backed some up to Google Photos, so I recovered those. I also thought I was backing up through another company, but for some reason, that never happened,” says Michelle who is now an enthusiastic user of FOREVER®.

Her loss fueled her passion for becoming a photo coach.

Tragedy is unfortunate but it’s also a great teacher and now Michelle uses FOREVER® for her personal memories and for her clients.

How about storing on external hard drives? These are popular but they, too, have a lifespan and they can get damaged and corrupt files.

External hard drives have a lifespan of about 3 to 5 years, according to various sources like Newegg and technology journalists.

Flash drives can last for 5 to 10 years, depending on how often you use them and if you take care of them.


Difference 2: companies change.

I recently covered news that Costco decided to get rid of its photo storage service. Scroll down to link to the post. Makes sense. That’s not why Costco is in business.

Photos were being transferred to Shutterfly. Secure, right?

Low-cost photo storage companies where you pay a monthly fee and free services like social media and Google Photos don’t make long-term promises. And why would they? You’re renting your space month to month.

They can raise rates, change their business models, or decide they no longer want your photos and videos for some reason.

With FOREVER® you can have 2 GB of free space and you have the option of owning your account so that you’re in control. What’s nice about this is that FOREVER® doesn’t use your content for marketing and you’re not subject to data mining.

Look at this comparison chart. I’ve been using FOREVER® for several years and I know the company’s leaders quite well, so I’ll be able to talk with you in-depth about why I trust FOREVER®.

Chart Comparing FOREVER to other services
Download via Melody Whitehead

The difference is that FOREVER® is guaranteed and engineered for decades and centuries of file storage. It’s built into the business model that they’ll continue to stay current with new files while migrating older out of date files into a usable format.


Enjoy a brief virtual tour of FOREVER®

Office Hours with Melody Event
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

Just give me about 20 minutes and I’ll show you some mind-blowing features of FOREVER®.  You can email me directly to arrange a time:


Or use the contact form on my website.


Join us during an online event as we share insights about FOREVER®’s storage. Check my Events page for all the opportunities.


Woman wearing glasses standing in front of printed photo on wall
Michelle Collinge is a colleague who finds creative ways to use photos in decorating and as gifts



Read Michelle Collinge’s story, Finding Peace of Mind through Permanent and Secure Photo Storage


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