How It All Started


I started my photo business to help people who had boxes of loose printed photos complete keepsake photo albums that they could enjoy now and for generations. I also began to mentor others who shared this passion to have their own photo business.


As our “world” expanded into digital, people were now not only overwhelmed with printed photos but now digital images on various devices. We taught them about digital organization and how to create online photo books and other print projects.

Melody's Family in 1995
Melody Whitehead Family picture


We now needed to meet the needs of people to convert their outdated media (videotapes, film reels, slides, floppy disks, etc) so they could be enjoyed again. We also initiated the scanning of printed photos and photo albums. Together with newer digital images held in modern devices (mobile phones, SD cards, external hard drives, flash drives, etc.), we began to now help people organize both their old and new memories into “one Digital Home” that is private, secure and they have complete ownership of. Their Digital Home offers no advertising and no compression of images, they are stored in their full resolution. Also, their current digital file formats stored will be updated to the newest format overtime at no additional cost to you, your children, your grandchildren, etc. Their digital files will never become obsolete guaranteed. This means we can enjoy our memories now and easily share with future generations even after we are no longer here.

The Future

We look forward to introducing step-by-step educational videos and instructions to help people through the process of scanning/conversion, online storage organization, and preservation as well as printing of photo books and other print projects via online classes.

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