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Personalized Photo Coaching and Resources

Private Sessions

I offer personalized private sessions where I work with you one-on-one to organize, digitize, and preserve your precious memories, customizing my approach to meet your individual needs.


Available for speaking engagements, where I share my passion and expertise in photo preservation, providing audiences with engaging insights and practical tips on safeguarding their memories.

Group Sessions

In my group sessions, I bring people together, offering hands-on guidance and collaborative activities to enhance their understanding and skills.


Digitization transforms your cherished physical media into high-quality digital formats, ensuring they're preserved, easily accessible, and shareable for generations to come.


Permanent storage securely safeguards your digital memories in a lasting format, ensuring they remain untouched by time and always available for you and future generations.

Family History

Explore your family's unique story with our Family History Research service, where expert genealogists help uncover your ancestral roots and preserve your heritage for generations to cherish.

Print Resources

Print resources transform your digital memories into tangible keepsakes, allowing you to hold, display, and share your cherished moments in beautifully crafted formats.

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Have questions about how to preserve your cherished memories? I am just a consultation call away, ready to guide you through the process of digitizing, organizing, and preserving your precious photographs. Book your personalized consultation today and start your journey towards safeguarding your family’s legacy with our comprehensive photo services.

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