Safeguarding Your Memories

Preserve Your Memories: Digitization Services

FOREVER® Photo Digitization Services transforms your cherished non-digital memories into high-quality digital formats, ensuring their preservation for generations. This process not only safeguards your visual memories from physical deterioration but also provides easy sharing and access, making it a valuable investment for anyone looking to keep their family history alive and accessible.

What is Digitization?

Digitization is a process where physical photographs, tapes, film, slides, and more are converted into digital formats, ensuring their longevity and making them easily shareable and accessible. This service caters to various needs, including digitizing old family albums, rare prints, and even negatives or slides. With the advanced technology used in digitization, the quality of the digital copies is often enhanced, preserving the clarity and color of the original photos. The digital versions of these media can be stored on various platforms, offering secure and convenient access to cherished memories.

Plans for all Levels

Introducing FOREVER® Digital Conversion, a service we proudly utilize as  ambassadors of FOREVER® to help our clients. This service allows us to expertly convert your cherished photographs, videos, slides, audio and documents into high-quality digital formats, ensuring their preservation for generations to come. By leveraging this advanced technology, we can offer you a seamless and secure way to safeguard your precious memories, making them easily accessible and shareable with your loved ones.

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The FOREVER® Process

Keeping it Simple

1. Fill your box.

Order a Box, fill it with tapes, photos and films, then attach the pre-paid shipping label. Use the step-by-step guide and barcode tags. Double boxing for secure shipping protection.

2. Track your memories.

Track your memories with real-time updates while our team of specialists in Green Bay, Wisconsin, use state-of-the-art digitization for perfectly preserved results.

3. Enjoy for generations.

Receive back your original memories, plus get your new digital collection added to your FOREVER® Account for 60 days. If you choose, receive your memories on DVD, thumb drive, or secure them for generations with FOREVER® permanent cloud storage.

Digitization Boxes

Specialty Digitization Box Options


Digitization Questions Answered

Discover answers to your digitization questions in our FAQ section. Here, you’ll find concise, helpful information on starting your photo digitization journey and using cutting-edge techniques, empowering you to confidently preserve and share your cherished memories.

Virtually all forms, including photos, slides, negatives, videos, film reels, audios, documents, can be digitized, ensuring a wide range of your memories are preserved.

Digitization converts physical media into digital formats, protecting them from physical deterioration and making them easily accessible and shareable.
Yes, digitization aims to maintain, and often enhance, the quality of the original media, ensuring clarity and longevity.

Digitized media is typically stored on cloud platforms and we recommend FOREVER® Permanent Storage guaranteed allowing easy and secure access from various devices. External hard drives, DVDs and thumb drives are only temporary solutions. We will help you safely store your memories.

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