3 Reasons to Digitize and Store Your Photos and Videos Using FOREVER®

Why do I believe the best way to safeguard your memories is to digitize and store your photos and videos using FOREVER®?

I’m looking back on nearly 3 full decades as a photo coach. I started in the mid-90s helping families journal the stories of their photos. I still help my clients journal their stories, but now I show them how to keep their most meaningful memories safe for generations to come. Guaranteed.

I was able to help my parents digitize the photos, home movies, and other files that were most important to them. Now, the files are free from potential damage or loss and they’re stored so my grandchildren and their grandchildren will be able to access them.

What is FOREVER® and why is it the solution for storing, organizing, and accessing your files?

Read on and at the end of this blog post, contact me so you can tour FOREVER® and see the many benefits in action.

Reason 1: Store Your Old and New Files in One Place

Look on your shelves and in closets to see how many printed photos you have, VHS tapes, slide shows, and other files on media that’s now obsolete.

Now, check your phone, laptop, external hard drives and other media to see how many digital files you have.

If you ever feel guilty that they’re a mess and that you can’t get a handle on putting them in order then don’t worry any longer.  Bring your most meaningful memories from the past, the present, and the future into one place using FOREVER®.


Woman looking at electronics rack
Photo by FOREVER of the digitization facility

Digitize old photos, home movies, VHS tapes and other old files using FOREVER®’s state-of-the-art digitization facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Store the files in your digital home.

Upload new files from your phone or other devices using the FOREVER® app or browser.

You can have photos and other files from 1924 stored in the same place as photos from 2024 and eventually 2064.

Reason 2: Find Files Easily

There are times we want to find our photos and videos quickly, but we have to sort and fumble through boxes of printed photos, check our phones, or scroll through social media uploads.

A friend of mine and colleague of mine, Amy Vanden Berg, faced the unexpected death of her father who was killed in an accident.

Smilling woman
Amy Vanden Berg, photo coach

Dealing with shock and grief is tough and preparing for a memorial service can be a heavy emotional burden. Fortunately, Amy and her family had been organizing files in FOREVER® with digital Albums and Nested Albums.

Within a few hours, they had scrolled through hundreds of images and were able to pull together a photo book that reflected the joy of her father’s life.

Read the moving story here:

How Safely Stored and Well-Organized Photos Bring Hope and Peace of Mind

In FOREVER®, you have a central storage place called the Library. You can organize the photos by creating albums, nested albums, and by using tags.

Photo book with man on cover
Amy’s photo book of her father was easily created from photos stored on FOREVER

Then those photos can be used to create attractive photo books to be given as gifts and mementos.

Reason 3: Create Great Experiences

FOREVER® lets you create memorable experiences.

Another friend and colleague of mine, Kathy Storie, spent two years helping her father organize his photos. He was in his mid-80s and the time was valuable and gave him something to look forward to.

He had few photos as a boy and gave a photo book to his brother and children.

Discover her experience here: How Safely Stored and Well-Organized Photos Bring Hope and Peace of Mind.

The photo books boosted the quality of life for my father during the COVID lockdowns. He was in a nursing facility, we couldn’t go see him, and he was experiencing dementia. The photo books gave him a positive experience because he could easily carry them in his wheelchair, look through them, and share his books to relive the memories.

Great experiences also come through FOREVER®’s professional family researchers who can help you gain access to hard-to-find records if you’re researching your family history.

You can also create collaborative albums for church groups, sports teams, and clubs who post photos and videos of events and want an easy way to share the memories.

What Makes FOREVER® Unique

Use FOREVER® and your memories are safe from being destroyed or damaged. And they can be passed along to your children, grandchildren, and their grandchildren.


FOREVER® is a permanent storage solution and it’s guaranteed safe. The company is built to last and migrate older files to newer technologies as they become available at no cost to you or future generations due to FOREVER®’s guarantee.

I’ll go over this with you during the tour if you’d like.

With FOREVER®, you own your space. That’s right, you’re the owner so you won’t get locked out of your account due to changes in Terms of Service and your content won’t be used for advertising or marketing purposes. You own your digital content. There’s no file compression and it’s private and secure.

It’s the only permanent storage solution that I’ve seen.

Let Me Know How I can Help

Book a photo consultation. Go to safeguardyourmemories.com and click “Book a Session” to schedule a consultation.

Woman wearing glasses looking at computer monitor
Contact Melody for a photo consultation

If you’d like a virtual tour of FOREVER® please text, call or email:

  • 626-649-4266
  • melody@safeguardyourmemories.com.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll see all the great benefits of FOREVER® in action.

You’ll see how to create albums, use tags, and ask me questions so you can be assured that this is the best solution for safeguarding your most meaningful memories.

Try FOREVER® with 2 free GB of storage space  Sign up and I’ll reach out with tips to get you started playing around and trying it out.

Check my Events page and learn more about preserving your memories in our interactive workshops.

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