A Low-Cost Business Idea with High Profit: Photo Coaching

Photo coaching is a proven low-cost business with high-profit potential.

As a child, I enjoyed looking through family photos and making up stories. I turned that passion into a business that’s been profitable for almost 30 years.

Melody and the family in 1998
Melody and the family in 1998

I started as a young mother in the mid-1990s with a different company name and now I’m mentoring people like you as photo coaches.

Are you looking for a business idea with excellent ROI potential or are you a professional who wants to add a new income stream?

Scroll to the end and contact me for a proven business opportunity.

Overview of Photo Coaching

Here’s a quick overview. We still have printed photos and old video files at home that we don’t want to throw away. Our phones are full of images and videos.

Photo clutter
Don’t let your memories stay cluttered

I show my clients how to bring their old memories and newest ones into one safe place using FOREVER®.

This gives you a competitive advantage that’s unmatched in the marketplace.

The four main services I offer and will show you how to offer are:

Help families declutter and digitize

As a photo coach, I’ll show you how I help families get a plan to declutter their memories and how to digitize them using FOREVER®.

I never thought I’d say a DVD or CD was an older technology. Wouldn’t you just love to pop them into a DVD or CD drive, hit play, and enjoy the photos and videos stored on them?

Technology changes but we don’t just throw away our old files because they contain memories, which are treasures. They’re important and yet they become part of the clutter in our lives.

If you look around your house or your parent’s home, how many printed photos are tucked away in storage boxes or gathering dust on closet shelves?

Do you have VHS tapes, CDs, or slide shows and audio cassettes?

Woman looking at electronics rack
Photo by FOREVER of the digitization facility

We never thought those media files would be tough to play and enjoy. Sure, you can find VHS players in thrift stores and find a way to play old CDs but it’s not easy.

It’s a simple process but highly efficient for you as a business owner and for your clients.

All your clients have to do is use a prepaid, ready-to-ship box from FOREVER®, the leading service in the industry with the highest rating on Trust Pilot. The files are digitized in the company’s state-of-the-art facility just outside Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Help families manage their smartphones

We don’t just have clutter stored in our homes. We’ve got digital clutter on our smartphones, laptops, flash drives, and other electronic devices like external hard drives.

Families need photo coaches like you to help them know what to keep and what to delete with confidence.

How many photos and videos do you have on your smartphone, and do you know how to easily find the photos and videos you enjoy?

Digital clutter means we’ve taken and stored so many files that we don’t know what we have.

Have you ever taken pictures of cabinets at Home Depot and not deleted them?

Hey, sports fans. How many photos have you taken of your child or grandchild standing in the batter’s box waiting for a pitch? Or how many shots have you taken during their soccer matches?

I show photo coaches how to use the tools that FORVER® offers and to give their clients peace of mind with family memories.

Help families preserve their memories for many generations

Offer your clients permanent photo storage.

Organizing photos is a big deal and storing them for generations to come is equally important. It’s fun to enjoy the photos and videos you take and look back on them every few years.

But now you can show clients how to safeguard their family’s memories into the next century and beyond.

This is exciting.

Chart comparing FOREVER to other companies

FOREVER® beats out social media and other photo storage companies because the company is designed to safely store photos, videos, and other memories for a lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond.


Scroll down to contact me and I’ll share more on how they stand behind this promise.

This is unparalleled in the photo digitizing and storage industry.

Other benefits of FOREVER®

FOREVER® offers different income streams: digitization and storage are two main offerings, but there are others that tie in seamlessly. These are:

Woman looking at photo album

Photo books and gifts

your client can turn digital files into memorable photo books and gifts for year-round gift giving. Photo books printed with FOREVER® are wonderful for many reasons. They’re especially useful for senior citizens who have arthritis and can’t hold the bulky traditional scrapbook albums.

Family Research

I’m using FOREVER®’s professional researchers to track my family’s history. We’ve gone back to the Civil War era.

A friend has used FOREVER® to track her history back to the 1500s in Germany.

Streaming video options

Digitize family videos and Super 8 home movies, upload them to FOREVER®, and have them available for viewing by your friends and family.

My Passion for My Business

Photo coaching has been profitable for me and has given me freedom to travel and spend time with my family. But it’s also a passion.

Woman wearing glasses looking at computer monitor
Contact Melody for a photo consultation

I want families to preserve their most meaningful memories and the need is much greater than what I’m able to meet on my own.

Contact me here or click Book a Session on any of my website’s pages to schedule a time to get to know each other. If you feel that this business is a fit, then I’ll mentor you and you’ll have access to my knowledge and experience.

Family memories are worth preserving for many generations to come.

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