Choosing the Best Storage Option for Your Photos, Videos, and Other Memories

In 1996, my photo coaching business was a year old and I enjoyed helping clients and close family members like my grandmother who was 90 years old at the time.

We would meet weekly so I could learn the stories behind her photos and other memorabilia she had and display them in a traditional scrapbook photo album.

4 year old girl 1910
Melody’s grandmother, Albine, in 1910.

It was fun to help her store so many wonderful pictures from her childhood to high school and into her adult years. Here she was at age 4 in 1910.

This picture is now 114 years old and it’s stored so my grandchildren’s grandchildren will be able to view it.

My Passion

If you’re so lucky to have your parents and grandparents with you, please take the time now to learn about their photos and stories that are most likely tucked away in boxes or drawers. You won’t regret it with all the special times you’ll have together.

We journaled her stories and stored her photos in a traditional scrapbook album. If you, your parents, or grandparents have old photos, VHS tapes, handwritten letters, and other treasures then you may be wondering how to store them safely.

Let’s look at your best options, but keep in mind that I use a permanent storage solution.

My clients can pass their most meaningful memories along to children and grandchildren so those memories will stay safe into the next century and beyond.

Permanent storage is one of the key services I provide.

Storing Your Photos Physically

There are best practices for storing your printed photos physically. Photos that are neatly tucked in protective sheets will last for many years.

An article from the New York Times goes in depth on the topic and advises “a storage option that’s free of acid and lignin” and that doesn’t use “dyes or recycled materials.”

A link to the article is at the end of this post.

I’m all for digitizing photos and then storing the printed originals safely, but a major drawback is that hard copies can only be in one place at a time.

Digital storage has advantages but it, too, has drawbacks you need to consider.

Many Digital Solutions are Temporary Solutions

Please note that I provide a permanent cloud-based storage solution where I’ve stored photos of my parents–their album is below.

How is that different than digital storage?

Digitized photos
Digitizing my parents’ many photos was worth it and convenient using FOREVER.

Digital files can be stored on your laptop, flash drive, or external hard drive. Your phone, too, is a digital storage device for photos and videos.

But stop and consider this. Those technologies can get misplaced, damaged, or even stolen.

Computer hard drives crash, external hard drives can get dropped, and flash drives can get lost or corrupted.

A friend of mine had her laptop and flash drive on her kitchen table and she left home for about 15 minutes to pick up her kids from school. When she got home, her things were gone. Someone had been monitoring her movements and broke into her house when she was gone and made a quick getaway. Sadly, she lost years of precious memories.

Cloud-based storage has advantages but what company should you use?

Well-known brands can change their storage policies like Costco did when it announced that it would no longer offer photo storage after February 2024.

Do you go with a company charging a low monthly rate? The drawback is that you’re renting and you have no control over changes in the Terms of Service.

Finally, consider the long-range business models of companies storing photos, videos, and other files.

I’ve looked closely at options and I chose FOREVER®, the only all-in-one memory storage system.

FOREVER® the Permanent Storage Solution

FOREVER®’s business model is in the company name. It’s the only permanent storage solution that I’ve found in a few decades of photo coaching.

Your storage is designed to last for a lifetime, plus into the next century and beyond. Compare it in this chart.

Here are some key benefits of using FOREVEER®.

Ownership of your digital content.

Your files aren’t used for marketing or advertising purposes the way they’re used with companies offering free or low-cost services.

Your files can be digitized with FOREVER® and then seamlessly transferred to your digital home where you can organize them into Albums and Nested Albums.

Don’t worry about compressed images because your files stay in full resolution.

Woman holding printed photo book
Here’s my mother holding a printed photo book made from Albine’s digitized pictures

Turn your digital files into keepsakes like photo books and other memorable gifts like the one my mother, Dorothy, has of Albine’s digitized photos.

Use FOREVER® to research your family history and journal your findings.

FOREVER® is designed to be guaranteed safe and to migrate older files to newer technologies as they become available.

Have Questions about Storage?

Woman with measuring tape and stack of photo albums
Imagine how much space you can save by storing digitally.

If you’re wondering about the best ways to store your photos, videos, and other memories then click on any webpage on my site and click Book a Session.

Contact me and I’ll answer questions about storing your treasures using FOREVER®.

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