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If you’re looking for a home-based business to help people with their peace of mind, then consider becoming a photo coach. I’ve been one for 26 years and I’ve seen the need become greater than ever.

Why is this a solid business opportunity?

Here are some reasons.


Americans take more photos than ever

Smartphones make picture taking ultra-convenient as you know. Look at the growth of camera phones:

Here’s a figure from 2012:

Last year, 37% of the images in the US were captured using camera phones, but by 2015, National Geographic writes, that number is expected to be 50%. (How Many Photos Do Americans Take a Year? (


By 2017, 85% of pictures taken were on smartphones.(Chart: Smartphones Cause Photography Boom | Statista)



We’ve got pictures!

The convenience has caused an issue. Which pictures do you keep, and which do you delete?

A photo coach helps clients answer the question.


We’re overwhelmed

Ever get nagging feelings that something’s undone?

Glance around your house and look at old photos, old media files—who’d ever thought DVDs could be considered old media files?

Photos are a good example of something you don’t want to throw away because they’re valuable, but keeping them becomes a problem.

Photo albums, vhs tape and CD in a stack
What pictures are stacked on your shelves and what media is ready to convert? Photo by Don Simkovich.

A photo coach offers solutions that bring peace of mind. You show people how to organize their pictures which also means you’re helping them preserve memories that are deeply personable.

I show my clients how to journal the stories behind their photos to help choose what to keep and what to throw away.

Use the basic journalistic questions:






You might even toss in How once in a while.

Now let’s look at the solutions you can offer in a photo coaching business.


Digital Storage the Client Owns—Guaranteed

This is now the foundation of my photo coaching business and it’s a benefit to the client that I’ll personally share with you.

Digital storage is simple these days, right?

Think again. Yes, you can upload to social media sites, make use of Google Photos for free or get a low cost through Apple. And there are many brand names in the marketplace like Shutterfly.

The difference between these companies and what I offer is that my clients will own their space, not rent.

And why is this important?

Because the Terms of Service can’t be changed and my clients can’t be locked out of their accounts.

Have you heard of “Facebook jail” or similar issues?

My photo storage solution guarantees an active, owned account for a lifetime, plus 100 years. The accounts offer flexibility for the owners like photo albums that can be kept private, shared only with family or friends, or be made public.

Don’t sweat getting locked out or having a company decide it no longer wants to provide storage.


Converting Old Media Files

Conversion Boxes example photoWill a thumb drive ever be obsolete?

To answer that question, try inserting a DVD into your new laptop.

Technology is changing constantly. Who would have thought that VHS tapes would become nearly impossible to play?

You can help your clients convert all of their old media files into digital, including slide shows or home movies from the 1940s. The new files can be safely stored online, yes online.


Family History

Why do we keep our photos? They’re memories of our families and offer future generations clues about the shaping of their identities. You can show clients how to use those pictures and research their family histories, too.

Both factual research combined with pictures is a powerful way to uncover and document your family’s history.


Gifts and More

Photos make great gifts and in today’s minimalist society, photobooks are still keepers. So are shirts, mugs and more.


Photo Coaching Summary

It works well as a home-based business, but photo coaching and the available services can benefit professionals with existing practices like financial professionals and those selling insurance services.

Safe, online storage is like having insurance as a way to safeguard your memories.


Need a Mentor?

I’ll be glad to mentor someone who wants to launch their photo business. After 26 years, I’ve learned how to combine technology and client satisfaction.

Give me a call or check my Events page for upcoming dates when you can log in and learn about photo organizing, digital photo storage, gifts and more.


I’m Here to Help

Melody Whitehead
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories


Contact me and I’ll be glad to chat with you about your interests and possibilities.

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