Decluttering Tools to Organize Your Family Memories for Peace of Mind

Decluttering your home is never a one-and-done task, is it? The right tools and an organizing system will help you corral the stuff you gather and keep your home feeling comfortable and keep you distressed.

How many times have you seen bills, sticky notes, and other papers scattered across your home office desktop but figured you didn’t have time to clean it off?

You might feel anxious, which is quite normal. Research has shown that women, especially, who perceived their homes as cluttered had heightened levels of cortisol, a stress hormone associated with chronic stress.

People with more clutter expressed less general satisfaction with their lives.

I link to a few articles on clutter and well-being at the end of this post.

Get the right tools for your things … and a special tool to bring your most meaningful photos, videos, and other memories into one safe, secure place.


What are the best tools for decluttering your home?

Start with trash bags. Yep, the simple trash bag is often listed first in a search of must-have tools for organizing and getting your living space in order.

The garbage can comes next, says Toss anything that’s not absolutely needed, and you won’t have a need to organize. It’s liberating, too!

What comes next in the list:

  • Storage boxes
  • Shelving
  • Portable carts
  • Drawer organizers

These are helpful because the kitchen and pantry and drawers are often our most cluttered places. But so are closets.

Ever come across a box of photos, old VHS tapes, or old letters and high school yearbooks? And what about all those photos and videos on your smartphone, laptop, or other electronic devices?

Clutter can be hard copy or digital.

There’s another tool you can use for organizing your most precious memories that often get cluttered and go unnoticed.

Use who I researched and have trusted to digitize hard-copy photos from the past century and bring them into the same place as the photos taken this year and decades from now: FOREVER®.

FOREVER® is the most complete all-in-one memory storage system available where you can store your memories in digital form for a lifetime, plus 100 years and way beyond. Guaranteed.

pdf photo of FOREVER benefits
I invite you to take an online tour of FOREVER®’s benefits

Read on to see what you can do with FOREVER® and scroll down to contact me so you can take a brief tour and see the platform in action.

Imagine this—your children or grandchildren are still young and you’d like to capture their photos for future viewing. Seems easy enough because you just snap some shots and you’ve got them on your phone.


Now, let’s say you come across a printed photo of your grandmother when she was a little girl from a hundred or so years ago.

Thanks to FOREVER® you can digitize and  store your grandmother’s photo in the same place as the photo(s) of your children or grandchildren like I’ve done.

My grandmother’s photo here is from the early 1900s when she was four and this is my daughter from a couple of

decades ago when she was starting first grade.

Now the photos will be available for my daughter’s great-grandchildren to view in the next 100 years or so!!!





FOREVER® is True, Permanent Storage

Why not use social media?

Of course, you’ll still want to upload some of your favorite photos to your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest for your friends and family to view.

They are temporary, don’t rely on them or the low-cost monthly sites for permanent storage. Their business models can change as we’ve seen earlier this year with Costco and Shutterfly.

Plus, they can use your data for data mining purposes.

That’s the key.

FOREVER® is built for permanent storage of your most precious and meaningful memories for the next century and way beyond.

Screenshot of digital photo album
My main album, Travel Memories, has sub-albums or nested albums

And you can own your account, take full control, and not have to worry about your content being used for marketing purposes.

With FOREVER® you can:


Take the Tour

In 30 minutes, I can show you how to gather multiple lifetimes of memories and store them guaranteed safe in one place.

Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me and mom today

I’ve been a photo coach for nearly 30 years and FOREVER® is the best storage and sharing solution of its kind. See why. I’ll host you on a virtual tour.

Contact me via my web form or email me directly:

You can also try FOREVER® with 2 free GB of storage space. You’ll see how to upload photos and videos and make albums.







Learn with us Online

Visit the Events page on my website.

Join us for free and fun online events to learn how to get the most enjoyment and use from your FOREVER® account like writing your family’s story.

We offer regular online classes to help you learn all about FOREVER®. You’ll get to ask questions and interact with others.

Your family’s memories and story are unique to you.

Safeguard the memories that will comfort loved ones and inspire future generations.


Here are some links if you want to learn more about the effects of clutter:

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