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As a photo coach, I work with a wonderful association of people across the U.S. and I like to highlight their expertise and experiences.




Enjoy reading about my friend and colleague Marianna Curran.

Woman sitting at table with pics
Permanent storage for photos that puts you at ease–photo by Marianna Curran

Marianna uses her digital camera to take photos during vacations and other family events. She uses her smartphone to—make phone calls. She’s in a rare group since estimates show that only 7 percent of digital photos are taken with cameras (Photutorial.com, April 23, 2022).

“People say I’m a good photographer but it’s my eye, the angle, and my camera. Smartphones work but I prefer the quality of a digital camera.”

Getting great photos is “a numbers game,” says the former executive who studied hotel administration and helped run her family’s restaurant business which she described as “an all-consuming life.”

Marianna looked for a profitable career alternative and used her enjoyment of photos to start a business that gives her more choices in how she spends her time.

“I ran restaurants for over 20 years and decided to divorce the restaurant and marry my family so that I could raise my children.”


A Photo Organizing and Storage Solution

Marianna now runs sheknowsfotos.com, a home-based business helping families and small business professionals around the U.S. and Canada organize and preserve their most meaningful memories.

The need in the marketplace is great.

Figures on Photutorial.com are mind-boggling with 54,400 photos are taken every second and people in the U.S. taking 20.2 photos per day on average.

Marianna runs her business full-time and draws on skills she gained from her father’s restaurants and the artistic appreciation she gained from her mother, who still produces fine arts at age 94.

“I’m not artsy-crafty but I do enjoy being creative, however that manifests itself.”

Her creativity is helping clients move from “chaos to calm” so their photos “make sense,” as Marianna describes on her website.


Preserving Older Photos and Media Files

The past remains in the present since families still have traditional scrapbook albums stored on shelves, with VHS tapes collecting dust, while slide shows and old home movies go unappreciated. Older media files are difficult to access.

Marianna personally knows the burden of being overwhelmed with family memories.

“I had so many photos and thought, ‘there’s no way I’ll ever digitally scrapbook all this.’ I didn’t have time and so many photos ended up in closets.”

In 2014, she came into contact with a new company, FOREVER, dedicated to preserving photos through a new concept—the ownership of digital space that’s guaranteed safe for a lifetime plus into the next century and beyond.

Marianna Curran holding up sign
From chaos to calm and peace of mind; photo by Marianna Curran

“FOREVER answered the needs I had to protect all my photos without me taking my time.”

Marianna utilizes FOREVER to offer key products and services that include digital storage, streaming video, digitizing old media files, and printed photo books.

It’s a comprehensive digital solution, but families often need input on how to organize the digital albums they can set up through FOREVER.

Marianna helps them consider a logical arrangement that works for them now and will be useful for grandchildren or great-children browsing the albums decades from now.

“I can help someone get started within a half-hour so they can set up their photos in a way that makes sense for them. There’s no one system that’s right for everyone.”

Marianna advises clients to follow how their brain thinks. “Do you think in chronology or in themes? Do you think in terms of locations or holidays? You also need to consider how someone 20 or 30 years will be looking through your photos. I organize by chronology, family and places. We repetitively go to the same summer home. I personally don’t think by holidays or themes.”


Her Strategy for Organizing Photos

Not only is family important for Marianna but also her family’s history and she’s made use of FOREVER’s genealogy research services.

“I hired FOREVER to do the genealogy on one piece of my family and wanted them to go into the Italian lineage and they unearthed quite a bit of information.”

Marianna organized her account by four basic family groups:

  • Father’s family
  • Mother’s family
  • Husband’s family
  • Nuclear family (children)

“In my family grouping, I have photos of my son and daughter, me and my husband, and related files that belong there more than they belong in another place like chronology.”

Marianna in front of wall photosMarianna has structured her photo coaching to help her clients be as efficient as possible by offering personal consultations, easy-to-follow emails, and virtual events.

She doesn’t run the business alone but welcomes others considering a full-time or part-time business and who have a similar interest in photo organizing.

“I work with all types of people including men and small businesses.”

She says the need for organizing and preserving photos is only getting greater.

“If you take photos, you need FOREVER.”

And plenty of people will continue doing so. Look at the trend:

  • In 2021, an estimated 1.2 trillion photos were taken globally
  • In 2022 the number is expected to rise to 1.72 trillion
  • In 2025, look for 2 trillion photos captured

That’s a lot of memories to organize and preserve.

Marianna has a method for doing so—and she welcomes others who want to learn from her experience and launch their own photo coaching endeavor.

Contact her through her website.


All figures in this post are quoted from Photutorial.com, Photo Statistics, April 23, 2022

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