Here’s Your Photo and Video Storage Solution for Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Nancy Launi found a family treasure she didn’t know existed—a home movie of her parents from 1953 walking in and out of the church where they got married. It was among a few dozen home movies that had been stored and not seen for almost 50 years.

She got the fragile film safely digitized thanks to FOREVER®, the most complete memory-keeping system available.

How did Nancy know how to protect the home movies?

Read on to see how she overcame a technology scare and started using the system that’s guaranteed safe for a lifetime, plus into the next century and beyond.

A heart-stopping moment

Nancy is like many of us who store photos and videos on our laptops and smartphones. She had two separate tech scares that caused her to find the best solution for safe, permanent storage.

Several years ago, she wanted to view photos on her laptop, but an ominous string of code showed up on her screen. She pulled out her ipad, typed in the code, and saw she had to reload Windows but the screen was black and couldn’t load the necessary software. It took several months before she could get help from her brother-in-law and get her computer running well.

Big Tech’s shoulder shrug

A similar scare happened with a phone she had from Google with 8 GB of storage, 15 GB of cloud storage, and an additional 50 GB of bonus storage.

She had stored photos of her and her husband touring Florida before he had a scheduled surgery, but when she looked for them, they weren’t there.

Nancy searched hard for someone at Google to call and eventually found a phone number and spoke to a representative who told her the photos would surface in a few days.

“The photos never showed up and they were just blowing me off.”

The heartbreak of natural disaster

Technology glitches pose real risks to our memories and so do natural disasters. Nancy lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and is often in the path of hurricanes.

“When I see people interviewed after a natural disaster and there’s been no loss of life or bodily injury, the thing they regret losing the most is their photos. This breaks my heart and I want to help prevent this!

Through her contacts, she found FOREVER® and experienced how Peace of Mind is the greatest benefit of the platform.

As a photo coach, she helps families preserve their memories “so they don’t have the worries that I had.”

Nancy invites you to try FOREVER® with 2 free GB of storage space and after you finish reading, scroll to the end to email her with questions.

How Nancy uses FOREVER®

Old files being digitized
Nancy’s first files she sent to FOREVER(r) to digitize

Nancy started using FOREVER® to digitize fragile files.

“The first thing I digitized was our Super 8 home movies. I had 27 of my family and we hadn’t seen them since the 1970s. We have a projector, but we didn’t use it. The movies were so old that we were afraid they might get damaged.”

She made a surprising find of “an old treasure.”

“There was a movie of my parents in 1953 entering and exiting the church for their wedding.”

She didn’t know the movie existed and her mother had forgotten about it.

A man who was helping Nancy’s mother clear out her garage found 17 more home movies that belonged to her grandmother and her uncle. Nancy sent the reels to FOREVER’s digitization team. She was concerned that the films “may have disintegrated, but they came out great.”

FOREVER® is versatile

Nancy is a photo coach and she’s worked with senior citizens through Osha Lifelong Learning to help them store their memories for children and grandchildren. She listens to what her clients of all life stages need and shares the benefits of using FOREVER® and can share her experience, like storing historical family photos and stories.

Screenshot of Nancy's album
Screenshot of an album in Nancy Launi’s FOREVER® account

Users can:

  1. Own their accounts so they have full control. Here’s more peace of mind. No one’s personal data will be used for marketing or advertising purposes.
  2. Digitize old files that are out of date so they’re easy to share and enjoy.
  3. Store files for many generations to come and continue to access their photos, videos, and more even as technology changes.
  4. Turn digital files into photo books and other gifts.
  5. Use FOREVER®’s professional researchers to research family history.
  6. FOREVER® has a streaming option making it possible to watch old home movies and VHS tapes online.

Families can store all kinds of fun files.

Nancy and her nieces use FOREVER® storage to share family recipes and they’ve even created a memory book with her grandmother’s recipes. Nancy has also saved one from a doctor she knew who baked a pound cake for his wife. The right margin is the description of when the recipe was uploaded plus the heartwarming story.

Screenshot of recipe

She’s part of a genealogy club and uses FOREVER® to store photos and stories that are relevant to her searches, especially on her dad’s side of the family who were immigrants from Sicily.

If she runs into roadblocks, she can turn to FOREVER®’s professional family history researchers who can locate hard to find records from past decades and work with language barriers from around the globe.

FOREVER is true, permanent storage–guaranteed

It’s the only photo and video solution available on the market that’s designed to last not just for decades but for a lifetime and into the next century and beyond. Guaranteed safe and secure.

Nancy also likes FOREVER®’s customer service where a live person is easily accessible.

“It’s night and day compared to Google. Email, chat, or phone calls make it simple to contact FOREVER® if a client ever has questions. They respond within 24 hours if not sooner and they’re very helpful.”

The personal touch is part of a highly professional operation that has helped FOREVER® gain the highest ratings in the industry from Trust Pilot.

Ask Nancy – and try FOREVER® for free

Woman's face with daisies in background
Nancy Launi, FOREVER® ambassador

Nancy will show you how FOREVER® can help you store multiple lifetimes of memories for you, your family, and friends.

Contact her via email and let her know your questions:

Your privacy is respected.

Try FOREVER® yourself with 2 free GB of storage space.

You’ll see what it’s like uploading files and creating albums and see why FOREVER® is true, permanent storage.

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