How Permanent Cloud Storage Safeguards Your Photos

Photo albums, vhs tape and CD in a stack
What pictures are stacked on your shelves and what media is ready to convert? Photo by Don Simkovich.

If you’re wondering how to convert the photo albums that you cherish into digital storage, then you’re not alone. Many of us might still have four or five hard copy albums on our bookshelves. Do you have VHS tapes lying around? How about slide shows or even older home movies?

All of those can be converted into a digital format and stored for a lifetime, plus 100 years—guaranteed.

Imagine your great-grandchildren being able to view photos from your childhood and when you first became a parent.

The photos that you safely store today are part of the legacy that you’re leaving for future generations.


Your Photo Needs in the Digital World

I launched my career as a photo coach 26 years ago. My focus was helping my clients organize their photos to tell stories about the pictures they placed into albums. The process of picking and choosing images was easier just a couple of decades ago, because the rolls of film had a limited number of exposures and pictures became expensive.

Remember, Polaroid cameras and how the pictures magically developed?

You still had to wait to see the quality of what you had taken.

Cameras have advanced over the years at a rapid pace with smartphones being updated every several months. But digital storage is newer.

The need for organizing photos is greater since we can take dozens or hundreds of pictures without realizing what we’re shooting.

So now you’ve got images taking up hundreds of megabytes and gigabytes. How will you possibly sort through them, organize them, and store them safely?

The Need for Cloud Storage

In my work with clients, I’ve always pulled in whatever tools I needed to ensure that they get the best results. Several years ago, that meant purchasing scanners so that either they could scan in their album pages or else I could do so.

We’d store pictures on thumb drives or external hard drives. But guess what?

Thumb drives can get lost, external drives can get corrupted, filled up or even stolen. Plus, technology is updated frequently. Just look at how laptops no longer play DVDs.

Pictures of photos, albums, and boxes that need organizingCloud storage is a vast improvement over other devices, but you need to know how cloud storage options are different so you can choose the best solution.

Remember that the goal is storing your photos for generations to come. This is the best way to safeguard your memories. It’s like having insurance for your photos.

Look at the process that we’re describing:

  • Taking the photos
  • Keeping or deleting selected photos
  • Uploading the photos
  • Creating cloud-based albums
  • Storing the photos in the albums

In offering services to my clients I’ve carefully curated and selected the best options. The storage services I utilize allow my clients to store their images for a lifetime, plus 100 years.


The Best in Cloud, or Digital, Storage Solutions

Now, since technology changes so quickly you’re probably wondering how that can be possible.

A good analogy is think of the business models for insurance companies. They pool risk from individual payers and redistribute the premiums paid across a larger portfolio. Universities have endow

Yes, I know we’re talking about your personal photos, but I want you to understand how this works.

I offer 2 GB of free storage for clients so you can see how the storage works.

The fees for additional space are based on the amount of the gigabytes you need. In each fee, a portion is set aside for on-going research and development of new technology so that your storage is guaranteed to remain up-to-date.

This is the best solution I’ve found out of dozens of options that I’ve investigated.

In addition to guaranteed, cutting edge technology you also own your space and others can access it. You can pass along your album for use by children, grandchildren and other relatives—or they can have their own.

The fact that you own the space means that you won’t have to worry about a company using your data for advertising purposes.

It’s important to note that Facebook, Instagram, Google may offer “free” services but they have to make revenue off their efforts.

And even photo conversion and storage companies may sell ads, use media that will become obsolete or ship your work outside the United States to get completed.

Ask me to learn more.


How can I Help?

Your photos are precious and they deserve to be protected and safeguarded.

I’m available to help you organize and store your photos so that you have peace of mind because you have kept the most important pictures.

Melody Whitehead
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

Contact me to share what your needs are: conversion of old media, organizing and permanent storage.

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