How to Easily Delete Duplicate Photos and Organize Your Memories Using the FOREVER® platform

Let’s play “how many photos are on your smartphone?” The higher the number, the more duplicate photos you’re going to have, and the more photos you’ll need to delete.

How do you organize them?

I’m stating the obvious, but imagine it this way—graduation season is coming up. If you have someone who’s a graduate or know a graduate, and you’re going to a ceremony and reception, then you won’t want to miss a moment. So we:

  1. Snap photos of everyone seated
  2. Snap photos of the graduate standing up and …
  3. Walking toward the stage,
  4. Walking across the stage receiving the diploma,
  5. Walking off the stage.
Gradutes in cap, gown outside
Graduations are among the events filling up smartphones

Thanks to smartphones we can snap anywhere from 5 photos to a dozen in just a few minutes.

Wow. And that’s only one event.

Easter is days away. Mother’s Day is coming up. Baseball season is here … soccer is played year-round. Imagine how many photos you’ll be taking on your smartphone for the remainder of 2023.

I didn’t even mention videos.

Where are you going to store those pics?

This is why you feel overwhelmed by your photos and why a friend and colleague of mine who’s also a photo coach, Amy Vanden Berg, says photo guilt is real.

Get rid of photo guilt and that overwhelmed feeling by using FOREVER®, a one-stop platform to store all your most meaningful memories in one safe, secure place.

It’s guaranteed safe for a lifetime, plus decades and even centuries into the future.

Take a brief virtual tour.

Read on to see how FOREVER® lets you easily take an inventory of all your photos and videos—and then scroll to the end of this post and see how you can take a brief virtual tour.

Just give me about 20 minutes and you’ll see the benefits of FOREVER® put into action.

Imagine: you can have your memories from this year, safely stored alongside memories from the middle of the last century.

Photos of World War Two Vet
A screenshot of Jack Snyder’s public account on FOREVER(r)

Step 1 Store all your photos in one place using FOREVER®

Here’s why I say FOREVER® is the one place to bring all your memories together. You can do 2 important tasks:

  1. Digitize older photos—and all your older memories.
  2. Upload photos from your phone and any electronic device.

Digitize those wedding photos and videos from a few decades ago. Did a loved one serve in a war like Vietnam, Korea, or earlier? Store those memories for future generations to see.

Newspaper clippings on family research and handwritten letters, plus 8 mm home movies and slide shows can be stored on FOREVER®.

Upload all of your current and future photos and videos from any of your electronic devices, in addition to your social media sites and places like Google Photos.

I’ll show you how it’s done.


Step 2 Take an inventory of your photos

You’ll be able to see this on the tour.

Once your photos and more are uploaded to FOREVER® then they’ll be stored in your Library.

Screenshot of digital photo album
My main album, Travel Memories, has sub-albums or nested albums

You can create general category albums like Travel and nest sub-albums within them like specific vacations and travel dates.

Tags help you organize your media files so they’re easy to find no matter which album they’re in.




Step 3 Delete duplicates and similar photos with confidence

Doing a visual scan of your library will let you see all those similar scenery photos or those moments that are taken within seconds of each other.

You’ll be able to see what photos you have so you can easily delete them and not worry that you’re missing anything important.

Organize your thinking into:

  • Near future
  • Long-term future

We can talk about this on the tour, but what media files will your friends and family enjoy seeing in the next few years or decades?

Now, imagine a great-great-grandchild is looking at your photos or videos 100 years from now.

What’s really important to them?

Think of the graduation ceremony illustration I used earlier. They’ll enjoy seeing the grad with the family gathered around but they don’t need to see all those moment-by-moment pics.

This leads to FOREVER®’s purpose.


Step 4 Using FOREVER®

Don’t save every memory. You don’t need to. Delete the similar ones with confidence.

Your photos and other memories are stored and preserved for future decades … and centuries.

Little girl white dress1910
My grandmother, Albine Castagno,4 yeards old in 1910.

I like showing this photo of my grandmother from when she was 4 years old. So this is around the time that World War One started.

Do my grandchildren need to see every similar moment of hers? No.

FOREVER® is designed for permanent storage and you want to convey life from one year to another and your important milestones.

But you don’t need to save absolutely everything.

So, kiss your photo guilt goodbye.

There are many more benefits of using FOREVER® like turning your digital photos into printed photo books and more.

I can cover those in our tour.

Get in touch with me via email below or the contact form here on my website.

Young mother with children, her mother and grandmother
My grandmother, middle, in the 90s with me, left, my mother, right.









Take a Tour of FOREVER®

Give me about 20 minutes and I’ll show you why I believe FOREVER® is the best memory storage system available.

Here’s my email and let’s see what times are good to connect:

Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me and mom today


Or use my website’s contact form.

Want to try out FOREVER®? I invite you to get 2 GB of storage for free so you can upload photos, videos, and see how to create albums.

Also, come to a virtual event on my website and learn how to use FOREVER® for doing things like chronicling your family’s story.

I’m passionate that telling your family’s story is important and it’s valuable history for future generations.






Smilling woman
Amy Vanden Berg, photo coach


Read Amy’s story in the post, How Safely Stored and Well-Organized Photos Bring Hope and Peace of Mind.


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