How to Evaluate a Profitable Business Opportunity that’s Right for You

How do you choose a profitable business opportunity that’s right for you and your specific situation? There’s no shortage of service businesses and products meeting all types of needs:

  • Pizza franchises
  • Coffee shops
  • Bookkeeping
  • Beauty and health products
  • Personal trainer

But what’s the right business for you, your current situation, and your future goals?

Read on to see why I chose the little-known business niche of photo coaching.

4 key questions to ask:

Outline your goals for income plus professional and personal satisfaction.

  1. Why are you considering a new business opportunity?
  2. How much time do you have to dedicate?
  3. How much capital do you have to invest or how much do you want to invest?
  4. In what ways do you enjoy helping others?

Draw on your personal experience and see what problems you like to solve.

This means identifying your pain points as described in “How to Identify Business and Market Opportunities” (Harvard Business School Online, April 5, 2022). The article advises starting with personal questions that can shed light on problems needing a solution.

For me, choosing photo coaching as a business opportunity reflected a long-standing interest of mine.

The investment is minimal with a large profit potential.

My Story

Young parents with children
Melody and family, 1995

I was a young mother who had stepped out of the corporate world and wanted to develop an income, enjoy professional challenges, and stay at home with the kids while my husband was developing his career.

Just like you, I looked at various business opportunities but none of them seemed right to me until I saw a friend’s photo album. It struck me that collecting family photos was really telling stories about you and your family.

I became a photo coach.

As a child, I liked going through photo albums and I’d write little stories about the pictures. Before I even started helping clients with their albums, I always had an interest in telling stories.

Read more here on my About page.

Key business principle #1—tell your story.

It was easy for me to find people with traditional scrapbook albums and keep them focused on their stories instead of worrying about the artwork. That helped my business because so many people don’t feel they’re creative, including myself.

Every industry faces change.

When digital cameras grew in popularity and fewer people were printing photos from film, I prayed about how I’d handle the change in my business. I was passionate about helping clients, but I didn’t know what to do.

I adjusted and updated my technology.

Key business principle #2—don’t keep all your memories

During a trip to Hawaii in 2007, I left my film camera at home and only used a digital camera to take pictures. Wow. I didn’t have to worry about only having 36 exposures and wound up with hundreds of photos.

And then smartphones changed our picture-taking even more and now it’s common for us to have thousands of photos and videos just on our phones.

Here’s a challenge needing a solution: We often don’t even know what memories we have or don’t have.

Fast forward to 2015 when I came across a service that made it possible to store printed photos and videos in the same place as digital files.

And it’s easy to have an inventory of the memories you truly want to keep so you can delete other files with confidence.

I added FOREVER® to my service offering and it’s made photo coaching efficient and has been terrific in helping me build my business.

I’m looking to mentor more people who want to learn from me and become photo coaches.

Here’s what you can do using FOREVER® as a foundation for your business.

Show clients how to:

Digitize old files like printed photos, VHS tapes, slide shows, handwritten letters and more.

Upload digital files from their smartphone using the FOREVER® app.

Store their files permanently, guarantee. FOREVER®’s business model is designed to last a lifetime plus into the next century and beyond.

Turn digital files into attractive photo books and other gifts.

Conduct family research using FOREVER®’s professional genealogists. We’re tracing my family into Civil War times and a friend has had researchers trace her family line into the late 1500s.

What makes FOREVER® unique:

Your clients own their accounts. This gives them control because they can’t get locked out and their content won’t be used for advertising and marketing purposes. In addition, their files are private, triple backed up, and they are never compressed and stay in their full-resolution.

Schedule a time to talk with me, and we’ll see if becoming a photo coach is a good fit for you. Why not help others while you build your own legacy? Also, I’ll go over how FOREVER® is different than social media sites and other companies in the industry. In the meantime, skim this chart:

The future of photo coaching looks bright.

Families are overwhelmed with the number of files on just their smartphones … now, add to that older files on external hard drives, thumb drives, and older media that can’t be played or enjoyed any longer.

Your solution as a photo coach is needed.

Let’s Visit

My passion is helping families safeguard their memories and leave a family legacy. It’s a rewarding career and it may be right for you.

On my homepage, click Book a Session and schedule a time when we can visit.

I’ll show you how you can try FOREVER®for free with 2 GB of storage space.

Melody, husband Gerald, kids, and grandkids 2023

I’m grateful for a career spanning almost three decades helping families safeguard something that’s unique to them—their story told through many lifetimes of memories.

Working with wonderful people across the U.S. has been such a blessing and I look forward to sharing with you.

Here’s the link to the above-mentioned article if you’d like to read further on profitable business opportunities:

How to Identify Business & Market Opportunities (Harvard Business School Online)

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