How to keep your old photos safely stored for many generations                                                                                     

Make sure those treasured scrapbooks are around for many years

If you’re wondering how to keep your old photos safely stored now and for future generations then I’d like you to consider the power of digital storage.

You might think you know about digital storage thanks to social media, free photo storage platforms like Google Photos, and companies like Shutterfly.

Walgreens also stores photos and makes printing digital files convenient from various social media accounts.

What photo storage service do I recommend?

As a photo coach, I use FOREVER® for myself and my clients. Read on to find out why.

Take an online tour of FOREVER® with me. Scroll to the end of this post to contact me.

What FOREVER® has and other digital storage companies don’t

Yes, you can store your photos in any of the free or low-cost sites including Apple but none of the companies listed above offer permanent storage.

I’ve been a photo coach for almost 30 years and FOREVER® is the best solution I’ve found. Here’s why.

Permanent storage

FOREVER®’s business model is unique and your files are guaranteed to last a lifetime, plus another 100 years and beyond. I’ll gladly share how FOREVER® stands behind their guarantee.

The big name companies and other firms don’t have this same guarantee and even have catches regarding their storage.

Walgreens is a trusted brand name but their photo storage policy requires you to make a purchase every 18 months or your files will be moved to a server that’s slower to access.

Screenshot of Walgreens photo storage policy

That’s understandable. Photo storage isn’t their core business. It’s a nice add-on.

All your memories in one place

FOREVER® makes it easy to bring your old files and newest ones into the same digital space. Here’s how.

Digitize your printed photos, VHS tapes, slide shows, handwritten letters, and more. You simply order the size box you’ll need and then ship your files to FOREVER®’s digitization facility near Green Bay, Wisconsin. It’s state-of-the-art with a top-notch customer care team.

Woman in bridal dress and veil
Screenshot of Nancy’s mother’s wedding in 1953, now safe in FOREVER(r)

I’ve had a friend who digitized her mother’s wedding home movie from 1953. She was concerned that the file was too fragile to digitize but the team at FOREVER® handled it well.

Notice that in the 1950s, Super 8 film was known for home movies, not home videos. Just a little trivia that shows how technology changes.

FOREVER® keeps up with changes in technology and this is one of the reasons why they have such an outstanding guarantee. They’ll migrate files to the technology that’s able to be used and accessed.

I’m thrilled to announce that a new grandbaby entered the family just recently. As she grows up, she’ll be able to access this photo of my grandmother who was four years old when this was taken around the outbreak of World War One.

The photos and videos you’ll take in the years to come can be stored in your same digital home as photos from more than 100 years ago.

I like that versatility.

FOREVER® gives you control

Other storage companies may offer low rates or even let you use their site for free. But here’s another reason why I’m thrilled to have found FOREVER® when it first started and why I’m passionate about the company.

With FOREVER® you can own your digital space.

Your stored files are yours in your own digital home.

Why is this so powerful?

Companies that let you store your files for free or at a low cost can use your content for data mining and advertising purposes. They’ve got to pay the bills somehow.

They can also change their Terms of Service and lock you out of your account without warning. That won’t happen with FOREVER®. Click on my Storage page to see a helpful comparison chart.

Here’s an overview of FOREVER®:

  • Permanent storage, guaranteed
  • Digitize out-of-date media files in FOREVER®’s U.S. facility
  • Use the amount of storage you need
  • Organize your photos and other files in digital albums and nested albums
  • Create collaborative albums to use with church groups, schools, sports teams
  • Turn your digital files into photo books and other gifts
  • Use FOREVER®’s professional genealogists to help you in researching your family’s lineage

And remember, you can own your digital home.

Tour FOREVER® with me

Give me 30 minutes on a virtual tour and I’ll show you how to store multiple lifetimes of memories and show you all the great benefits that FOREVER® offers.

Use my web form to contact me or email me directly and let’s schedule a time:

Try FOREVER® at no cost with 2 free GB of storage. Click here.

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