Look into Photo Coaching: an In-Demand Business Opportunity to Make Memories Last

Here are 2 important reasons to consider photo coaching as a home-based business or addition to your professional service portfolio.

But first, my story.

I was a young married mother stepping out of the corporate world with a toddler and preschooler at home. I loved my kids, of course, and was glad to stay home but I still wanted a professional challenge. Plus, my husband and I wanted a business to add to our

Young family
Melody, husband Gerald, and when the kids were younger.

family’s income.

I stumbled onto photo coaching as a business idea. I built a client base by working steadily and turned it into a full-time income as the kids were growing, and it’s been a satisfying career for almost 30 years.

More of my story is linked to at the end of this post.

If you’re interested in either a business or adding services to an existing professional business then please read on and see what photo coaching has to offer you and the people you can serve.


A Need in the Marketplace

Your Need

How many photos and videos do you have on your phone?

Don’t stop to count them but scroll through your gallery and see how many you’ve taken since January of just this year. Now think of how many more you have on a laptop or external hard drive.

Look around your home when you get a chance and see how many VHS tapes, DVDs, and traditional scrapbook albums are on your shelves and tucked away in your closets.

How do you choose what to keep and what to delete?

The Trend

93% of photos will be taken on smartphones during 2023 with a total of about 1.6 trillion photos being taken (nope, not all of them are on your smartphone).  That’s according to photography stats quoted on balancingeverything.com.

Old photos in a pile
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood, Pexels


Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine all of your older files with all of the files you have on your phone or other electronic devices?

Scrollilng images on a smartphone
Photo by Mike Jones, Pexels





Don’t look for a genie floating out a bottle and snapping fingers to make your wish come true, but, yes, there is a platform where you can bring all of your most meaningful memories into one safe, secure place.

I use FOREVER® for my personal memory-keeping and I show my clients how to use it.

You’ll enjoy looking into it so I invite you to take a brief virtual tour.

Scroll down to contact me and take a tour of why I believe so passionately in this solution for clients and for entrepreneurs wanting to develop a photo coaching business.

What’s FOREVER®?

Screenshot of letters stored in digital album
On the FOREVER blog One Letter at a Time.

It’s a permanent storage platform that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond.

Why use FOREVER® instead of other services?

With FOREVER® you have the option to own your account compared to other companies where you “rent” with monthly payments. You don’t have any control over the future and risk having a company change its Terms of Service and use your information for data mining and marketing purposes.

Other services, whether paid or free, aren’t designed for true, permanent storage. Glance through this chart for more quick comparisons.

I’ll show you more on our virtual tour.

Chart Comparing FOREVER to other services
Download via Melody Whitehead


FOREVER® is a complete memory-keeping system:

Digitize and upload all your older files—8mm home movies, wedding photos and videos, slide shows, handwritten letters and more. FOREVER® makes it easy to do with its facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Your files stay within the U.S. and the customer care team provides highly personalized service.

Once files are in your account, you can store them in a central place called your Library and then organize them using Albums and Tags.

You’ll see this in action on the tour.

Family Photo Collage
My parents’ family photos organized in their FOREVER account

FOREVER® is definitely safe. Albums can have different settings so you control who sees the files whether it’s yourself, your friends and family, or made open to the public.

Create photo books from the digital photos and other files in your Library and Albums.

Little girl white dress1910
My grandmother, Albine Castagno,4 yeards old in 1910.

Research your family’s history. Storing your memories goes hand-in-hand with researching family history and writing your family’s story so you leave a legacy of you and your family’s history for future generations.

Imagine this … my grandmother at 4 years old from the early 1900s … a photo that’s already more than 100 years old.

And my grandmother, center, during the late 1990s …Young mother with children, her mother and grandmother

Both photos will be available many generations from now.







FOREVER® is a Turn-Key Business

FOREVER®’s business model was built to be permanent from Day 1.

I’ve been using the platform for several years and I’ve scaled it into a national presence thanks to online growth strategies.

I know the leadership team quite well. So I can show you how it works and why I believe the time is right for this business and the need will exist well into the future.

The world has gone digital but families and small business owners still have hard copy files needing stored along with knowing how to organize and have their most important digital files readily available.

Who is the right type of person for a FOREVER® business? Take a look and see if you’re in the categories of people who have found a rewarding income stream:

  • Professionals like photographers, estate planners, insurance agents, small business advisors
  • Moms or stay-at-home dads who have an entrepreneurial bent
  • Mid-career professionals
  • Retirees


Take a Closer Look

Take an online tour with me and see FOREVER® in action. In just about 20 minutes I’ll show you why it’s been a profitable business for me.

Contact me via my website form or via my email:


Melody Whitehead Family pictureTry FOREVER® Firsthand with free storage

You can also try FOREVER® with 2 free GB of storage space and get a firsthand look.

Want tips and pointers?

My colleagues and I offer free weekly online sessions where you’ll learn in bite-size steps how to save, organize, and share your memories.

Click here to register: tinyurl.com/RSVP-FOREVER15Basics

Or, again, contact me for a tour.

It’s a proven service that is the highest rated memory keeping system on Trustpilot.

I’m passionate that families should safely store their photos, videos, and more. It’s a way to chronicle their history and legacy.

Maybe you can be that photo coach who offers them the solution they need.

Read more of my story here on how and why I chose photo coaching as a business:

Another Anniversary of Organizing and Preserving Your Photos

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