Looking at Home Business Opportunities? Find a Business like Photo Coaching that Fits Your Personality.

If you’re looking for a profitable home business, I’d like you to do this:

  1. Tally the number of photos and videos you have on your phone. Next, do you have more files on your laptop, flash drives, and external hard drives?
  2. Do you have printed photos and VHS tapes collecting dust on shelves and in closets?
  3. Now, count how many traditional scrapbook albums and tapes you or your parents or grandparents have. Are there also slide shows, Super 8 home movies, and handwritten letters lying around?

Here’s what I do as a photo coach

I show my clients how to safeguard all of their most meaningful memories in one safe place.

This means they can digitize their older files and store them digitally in the same place as the newest photos and videos on their phones or other electronic devices. Everything is stored safely for generations to come.

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The market for more photo coaches is huge and the need will continue for decades.

You can learn more by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on some incredible statistics if you’re into facts and figures.

Now, I’m not an artsy person and I don’t have a knack for crafts.

However, photo coaching is a home business I chose to start in 1995 because it reflects my love for stories and family photos.

It became a sustainable business as I continued growing through referrals and adapting to changing technology.

I’ll mark my 30th anniversary in 2025 and the future looks bright.

There’s more business than I can personally handle, so I’m scaling my efforts by mentoring others.

Now, what about you?

Could photo coaching be for you?

My business was built around my passion that family photos tell a story, and those stories should be preserved, or safeguarded, for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

I worked with family, with friends, and with clients they referred. I adapted as family photos and videos evolved from film and tape into digital technology. My equipment changed and I helped clients scan printed photos into digital formats.

Around 2015, I found a solution that helped me scale my business nationally.

Today, I operate from my home in La Quinta, California (in the greater Palm Springs area) with clients and business associates across the U.S.

The Opportunity

FOREVER Digitization Box
FOREVER Digitization Box

There’s a tremendous need for photo coaches and here’s why:

Families of all ages have piles of printed photos and VHS tapes and are overwhelmed by the number of digital photos and videos on phones, laptops, plus external hard drives and flash drives.

People have so many different types of memories that they can’t remember where to find photos or videos of birthdays, graduations, or weddings from just 10 or 15 years ago.

Are you a young grandparent who’d like to show your grandkids what it was like growing up in the ‘70s?

Soon, there won’t be any living World War Two veterans. How will we tell the stories of the greatest generation and the struggle of Korean War vets and those who served in Vietnam?

Photo coaching isn’t just for home businesses.

If you’re a professional offering services like estate planning, insurance, photography, genealogy, or downsizing then you can easily make photo coaching a part of your offerings.

Here are the services I offer:



Family Research

Printed Photo Books and Gifts

I use a powerful platform that’s simplified how I run my business—FOREVER®.

FOREVER® makes it possible for you to provide services with customer support that you won’t find anywhere else and it’s the only permanent storage solution for a family’s memories.

This simplifies my tasks as a business owner. I don’t have to be the one who handles the digitization process or worry if my client’s files will be processed safely.

FOREVER® has earned exceptionally high ratings on Trust Pilot with outstanding customer service.

What does this mean for my business?

I get to concentrate on my main reason for getting into my business in the first place … a focus on helping families tell their stories and safeguard their most meaningful memories for future generations.

Take a Closer Look

I’m sure you’ve got questions and I’d be glad to answer them, based on my experience. Browse the Services I offer and visit my Events page to see how I leverage the internet.

Woman with measuring tape and stack of photo albums
Imagine how much space you can save by digitizing

The future looks bright for this business opportunity that’s not well-known, and yet families need the help.

Contact me here or click Book a Session on any of my website’s pages to schedule a time to talk.

You’ll get to know me better and I’ll share more of how I built a lasting business.

I’d like to hear more of what you’re looking for in a business opportunity.

Want eye-opening stats on photos that make photo coaching a needed business opportunity?

These come from Photutorial / Photo Statistics:

Did you know we take 5.3 billion photos every day? Give or take a thousand here and there.

The average person takes 20 photos per day in the U.S. How will they store and organize those safely?

Contact me and let’s find out if it is a good fit for you or not.


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