Online Storage for Printed Photos and Videos is Best for Leaving Your Legacy

Are you someone who’s looking at your printed photos and VHS tapes and wondering how to store them for years to come?

If you’ve had printed photos lying scattered but now you’re organizing them, congratulations. It’s no easy feat.

Woman with measuring tape and stack of photo albums
Imagine how much space you can save by digitizing

Keep reading and we’ll look at products used for safely storing photos long-term, including online photo storage, and scroll down to contact me and I can show you how to save space.

As a photo coach since 1995, I offer services to help families like yours safeguard their most meaningful memories. I’m passionate that you leave a legacy and tell your family’s story using your memories.

Your options for storing printed photos

If you’ve got collections of family photos that are printed and safely stored in what I call traditional scrapbook albums then I’ll share with you the easiest way I know to get them into a digital format for safekeeping.

There are 2 general ways to preserve your prints:

Offline Photo and Video Storage

You can store your photos offline in both printed, or analog, format and if you convert them to digital format, then those images can be stored on electronic devices like laptops, external hard drives, and flash drives.

Online (cloud) Photo and Video Storage

Printed photos have to be digitized so you can store them online, or in the cloud. Turn them into photo books. You can see here how I did it with my grandmother.

scrapbook digitized

However, I’ll show you a way to store your memories permanently. Guaranteed.

Here’s my strategy for permanent photo storage

I became a photo coach because I’m passionate that the photos, videos, letters, and other memories you’ve collected are worth saving and storing for you to enjoy and for your descendants to enjoy.

My goal is help you have long-term permanent storage so it’s safe and easy to share your memories.

For both digitizing and storing files, I use FOREVER® personally and with my clients.

Step 1 is to digitize.

I’ve written about this previously and I’ll link to the blog posts below.

FOREVER box for digitizing
FOREVER box for digitizing

Gather your files into one place and then pack them and ship them to FOREVER®’s digitization facility just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin using a specially designed box. It’s that easy.

Step 2 is storing your files using FOREVER®.

If you’ve shopped around for other solutions and you’ve stored photos through Shutterfly, Walgreens, or other fine companies I’ll show you why I use FOREVER® personally and with my clients.

Skim this chart and you can see comparisons between FOREVER® and other leading companies:

Online photo storage comparison
See how FOREVER compares in photo and video storage

FOREVER® guarantees safe storage of your digitized files for a lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond.

Step 3 is having a long-term printed photo strategy.

When you digitize your files with FOREVER®, your originals are returned to you so you can store them physically. It’s fun to touch and handle photos in traditional scrapbook albums.

You can also store them long-term using the right methods and products.

Use the right storage container

Don’t store them in shoeboxes that use dyes to make them colorful.

Instead, store printed photos in acid-free boxes that are stackable, and don’t let sunlight shine in since UV rays speed up the fading process.

A popular brand is Archival Methods which produces boxes for postcards, printed photos, CDs, and other collectibles. Close-fitting lids keep out dust and contaminants.

B&H Photo, Video, Audio also produces affordable storage solutions.

Keeping photos in a climate-controlled environment will help them last longer, too.

Please note that when photos, videos, and other keepsakes are stored physically then they can get lost or overlooked among the clutter that accumulates at home or in storage facilities.

Use printed photo books with themes

Another way to enjoy your family’s memories is to use the digitized files in your FOREVER® account to print photo books with specific themes like a special vacation, a child’s wedding, or to memorialize a loved one’s life.

Printed books are easy for aging seniors to hold and the books are durable enough that they’ll last for decades. I helped my parents digitize their memories and store them in their FOREVER® account, but I’ve also made printed photo books for them.

You can print the same or similar books so family and friends who live in different parts of the country or the world can have their special copies.

Keep this in mind with printed photos

As a photo coach, I want families to get the most enjoyment from their memories and then be able to pass those memories along to future generations.

Woman looking at photo album

Contact me and let’s talk about the best way to store your memories or other topics like digitizing older photos and videos.

Remember, printed photos are fun to hold but they can only be viewed by one person at a time.

Digital storage with FOREVER® lets you easily share photos, offers collaborative albums for sports teams and faith-based groups, plus there are streaming options for videos.

And you can turn your digital files into print to get the most possible use from them.

Want to read more on storing printed photos? Click here:

How to Store Print Photographs New York Times / Wirecutter Nov 3, 2023

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