Organize Your Photos to Discover Family and Leave a Legacy

The Value of Organizing Your Family Photos

We know the challenges faced during Covid-19, but did you have a chance to slow down, breathe and organize around your home? Applause if you tossed old files and broken toys. But what about those photo albums and hundreds of photos on your phone, Facebook or Google Drive? Or maybe thousands?

Ignoring them is always easy because they never seem like a priority. There’s always one more appointment to rush to or one more call to make.

The memories are so important to safeguard.

That’s why having a photo coach like me is useful. I can get you started using the latest technology and return when you need help, or I can schedule a couple of hours and hold your hand as I show you how simple organizing is.

You need a compelling reason to pull away from other craziness in your life and take moments to put your pics in order.

Try this—learning something new about a loved one.

Benefits of Converting, Organizing and Storing

We may think we know our families well, but we can certainly surprise ourselves when we travel back through older photos, slides, VHS or old home movies. Converting the media, organizing them and storing them digitally enriches our lives.

On Facebook, I told a story about Steve. He went into the army and drifted away from his brother who was six years younger.

Steve just figured his brother was another fine, family member until he watched a mini-dv tape. His nephew was doing an interview and Steve learned that his brother had played professional baseball and played guitar at a John Denver Reunion concert. Steve’s brother also sang a heart-felt song about their grandmother.

Steve wouldn’t have learned about his brother’s talents if those old media files hadn’t been converted for digital storage and viewing.

Simple and Done Photo Organizing

Here’s what I love about being a photo coach and helping families. You may think getting everything organized is overwhelming but I focus on keeping it simple so it gets done.

You can achieve a lot in 15-minute increments like cleaning a room or taking notes. Photo organizing is a great way to switch gears from your day’s work. You’ll find that helps reduce stress.

None other than MIT advises students to study in blocks of time and schedule breaks so they stayed refreshed.

Permanent Storage example photo


Note where your photos and other media are stored—boxes in closets, envelopes and on shelves in home offices and garages. Get them into one spot and you’re ready to begin.

Of course, many of our pictures are now online in Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.


Choose what pictures are important and which ones you can delete or toss.

I lived in Pasadena for years and there are lots of hiking trails above the city that often have wonderful views stretching from downtown Pasadena to downtown Los Angeles. And on some days you can see the ocean shimmering.

It’s so easy to hike, snap, hike and snap. Many of those photos are duplicates so you don’t need to keep them.

Choose ones that best represent the moment and then move on.

So where do these go?

One Stop Digital Home

I’ll help you pull everything together into a one-stop digital home. Here’s another area where you can get a lot done in 15 minutes.

We’ll use the concept of an Old School filing cabinet and digital folders on your computer. You can start with scratch paper if you want to brainstorm.


This are the digital cousins to heavy, thick photo albums. Think of different categories and ways to label your albums according to:

  • Ages of kids
  • Places
  • Events
  • Professional Milestones

You can create albums to store memories and records of your home business.

Give each album a brief description.

On your digital storage home, you’ll be able to use tags so the pictures are easy to find.

Storage really does last a lifetime, guaranteed to last your lifetime and 100 years plus.

You simply don’t want to miss an important part of your family’s life or having the nagging feeling that you’re missing something and can’t figure out what.

Contact me with your needs and questions and we can chat briefly and I’ll learn how I can help.

And if you want to ask about how I turned this into a business I’ll be glad to share that, too.

I became a photo coach when my children were young and we needed an income to help support the family. I drew on my experience as a trainer in the banking industry and found my entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve been in business for 26 years and have enjoyed mentoring many others.

If you’re interested, let me know and I can share my steps to sustaining and growing a business that’s stretching across the U.S. and meeting a tremendous need.

Photos are important.

They’re among our most precious possessions because they reveal our personal stories, truly unique to who we are. Taking time to organize them and store them is part of the legacy you leave and a blessing for future generations.

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