Photo Coaching as a Profitable Home Business and Career

During my 27 years as a photo coach, I’ve worked with many wonderful people as clients helping them learn how to organize and preserve their most precious memories. I’ve also gathered a community of like-minded people who asked me to mentor them in business. I connect with them from my home office. Each client and team member are a blessing to work with.

Both roles are fun and rewarding. Here’s why.

See those photo albums on your shelves? They’re at risk for being damaged or lost.

Once you lose the prints, you lose everything. The same goes for those incredibly valuable family videos you have.

How about the slides, negatives, and very old film reels?

They’re easier than ever to digitize and preserve in a Permanent Storage space that you own and is guaranteed to last for a lifetime, plus 100 years with a goal beyond that. You can see why I named my company Safeguard Your Memories®.

Scroll to the end to see a listing of blogs that highlight the experiences of a few business colleagues who are now dear friends.

What if you want business mentoring?

Read on and then contact me to talk about it.


The Need for Photo Coaches and Permanent Storage

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Count how many pictures you have on your smartphone. Can you estimate how many pictures you have stored on your social media, too? Imagine how many printed photos you have in boxes or inherited? Or is it easier to count the stars in the sky?

Organizing printed photos in traditional scrapbook albums was challenging enough a couple of decades back. Remember how 12, 24, or 36 rolls of film were our choices? But now we’re snapping dozens of digital photos at every event we attend, during the holidays, and hundreds or even thousands while we’re on vacation easily.


Families need someone who cares to help them choose the most meaningful photos to keep while deleting ones they really don’t need. People need someone to guide them and be their cheerleader–and it’s easier than ever when connecting online.

And you can show them how to have a digital storage solution that they own instead of renting.



This is powerful because with FOREVER Permanent Storage you have full control over your account with settings for more than one Account Manager along with FOREVER’s unique Preservation Settings.

FOREVER is one digital home for your memories with Digitization, Storage, and Print.

Everything you need to save, organize, share and celebrate in one place.


You’re Offering Photo Insurance

Organizing specialists know how badly disorganization creates clutter in our minds. We risk losing important documents and it keeps us feeling uneasy. The same is true of our memories – pictures and other older media files are scattered or collecting dust.

You might not even think about them until some disaster threatens or strikes.

I live in Southern California and previously lived where wildfires are a constant threat for several months out of the year. I always kept my albums and photos in a place where I could grab them quickly.

I don’t have that same lingering concern because my memories are now digitized and easily accessible if I lose the physical files.

Pictures of photos, albums, and boxes that need organizingPlenty of stories, too, come from friends who’ve lost photos after their home was robbed or pipes burst and flooded their photos. Their computer crashed or they lost their phone.

I don’t want to scare anyone with worst-case scenarios but those are realistic possibilities and point to the need for our service.

Our memories are assets so, yes, we need to safeguard them.


You’re Offering Up-to-Date Technology

Most of us will agree that digitizing our photos is smart, but where do we store them? Here’s another risk that’s important to address.

I’ve known of people who send their photos to get digitized and they’re returned on a CD, yep, or DVD.

Think about this: how often do you use a desktop computer at home or the office? Most of us use laptops and guess what—DVD drives are missing these days.

We still have USB ports so thumb drives still work today but they are temporary.

Technology is constantly changing and that’s why I appreciate offering services and products through FOREVER®.

You can try out FOREVER with 2GB of free storage. When you buy FOREVER® Permanent Storage, a large portion of your payment is deposited into the FOREVER® Guarantee Fund. The money is invested so that it increases in value and pays for the recurring maintenance and preservation costs of your FOREVER® Storage, as well as the migration of your content to new digital formats, over time.

That’s how they guarantee storage lasting for much longer than a century.

Family Photo in FOREVER
The FOREVER digital album makes storing photos convenient and safe

You’re Needed

Successful businesses in any industry provide solutions that consumers trust. It’s that simple. You’re meeting a need in the “marketplace.” Digitizing old media like printed photos, slides, and more, plus offering permanent storage is a need that’s going to exist for many decades into the future.

Families can benefit from the service, but so can hundreds of small business owners who need permanent storage for their photos and important documents. Home-based business owners and those who run brick-and-mortar sites need the service, too. They can have personal accounts and separate accounts for their profession.

I’m Here to Help

Contact me and I’ll be glad to share more about my experiences as a photo coach/FOREVER Ambassador. Every business has challenges but there are also wonderful rewards.

Safeguard Your Memories™ with Melody helping a client on the computer
Me, right, with a client–the internet is convenient, but getting together in person once-in-a-while is nice, too.

This allowed me to earn an income as a young mother so I could stay home with my kids and the freedom to work around family priorities. If you have kids, then I’d be glad to speak with you.

Some of my team members launched the business when they started working with their aging parents or after they lost a spouse and needed additional income. Others have added the FOREVER services to their professional line of work. Some are retired and wanted something that helped others while building their own family history.

I’m using the internet in effective ways to continue growing my business and helping my friends.

Check out the Events on my Events page to see the free, virtual events where you can log in, meet others, learn to write your family story, and get those photos organized.



This is a career built around helping others.

After all these years, I’m truly grateful for the wonderful people I’ve met around the U.S. Even though I live in So Cal, I have colleagues and clients around the U.S., Canada, Australia and can introduce you to many of them.

It’s been a joy to share with you during March, the month I launched my career 27 years ago in 1995.

Come back to visit in the months ahead as we share photo tips and ideas to help you and your loved ones Safeguard Your Memories®.


Here are blog posts from four of my team members to learn from them:

Cindy Marks: How to Use Your Photos in Your Family’s Story

Kathy Jones: Finding Joy through Family History Photobooks

Margarita Buitrago: How Storing Photos Online Connected a Family Across Continents

Kathy Storie: Strengthening Family Bonds by Organizing and Storing Family Photos





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