Photo Coaching is a Business Helping Families Safeguard Cherished Memories

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Photo coaches help with hard copy photos and digital storage; Photo by George Milton from Pexels


I know that operating a home-based business has challenges, but it also has many rewards. I’ve been a photo coach for 26 years, and one of the challenges I’ve had to overcome has been the changes in how pictures are taken and how they’re stored.

Technology changes, doesn’t it?

Thumb drives, DVDs, and external hard drives are really obsolete. That can pose a problem for some photo coaches, but I use a solution that lets me stay up-to-date whenever there are technical upgrades.

I show my clients how they can conveniently and efficiently digitize all of their old media. My photo coaching has led to a new service line and now I offer genealogy services. You can connect with researchers who will dig into your family story.

What does that mean for a home-based business that you can run?

Read on to learn about the need in the marketplace.


What a photo coach offers

When I started nearly three full decades ago, I helped clients organize their photos based on the 5 Ws in journalism:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why

This was more useful than scrapbooking because photos piled up.

In this digital age, the 5 Ws have become as important as ever. You can imagine how many pictures we snap while taking walks, watching our kids play sports, going to a concert, and enjoying family milestones like weddings and birthdays.


How many photos do we take?

I’ll answer it with this visual.

Have you ever seen the fire department visit a neighborhood and turn on the fire hydrant to clean them out? Water gushes out of the hydrants, flooding the streets until it gradually seeps into the sewers.

Honestly, that’s what our picture-taking is like with our smartphones.

Okay, now for statistics.

A Morning Consult report quoted on noted that 90% of people who have ever taken a photo have done it with a phone and not a standard camera.

And according to Statista, smartphones are causing a photography explosion with 1.2 trillion photos taken in 2017. 85% of them were taken with mobile phones

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Pile of photos
Photo by Jon Tyson, Unsplash

Organizing needs are great

We take more photos than ever and that makes it more difficult to choose what we need to keep and what we should delete.

Here are a few more facts thanks to Statista:

Broken down by age groups, here’s the percentage of Americans who have taken selfies, usually uploading to social media:

Age 18 to 34 ………….. 82%

Age 35 to 54 …………. 63%

Age 55 and older …… 44%


Social media isn’t a place to store your photos for safekeeping. I’ll gladly explain why if you’d like to talk it over with me.

You can imagine that with all these selfies taken, how many other photos we take. That makes it hard to remember what we may have missed and how we can choose what’s important.

This is where photo coaches can step in to help organize and offer the client peace of mind.


My business grew in 2020

While the shutdown was tough on many businesses, my photo coaching grew tremendously during 2020. The reason is that many people were home and began organizing around the house in ways they hadn’t done before.


The benefits of photo organizing

You offer clients peace of mind because you’re helping them clear clutter. That’s a big deal.

Physical clutter is linked to what you think, as described in a Dallas Morning News article in 2014. A specialist is quoted and mentions how “Every object, every clutter, every piece of information will pique your attention … It’s a cue; everything is connected to something else.”

And all of those connections can get overwhelming.


How I work with clients as a photo coach

A private session with a client
Melody Whitehead, top, with client.

Clients will hire me for a few hours so I can help them organize and get the ball rolling on their projects, or they may hire me for a couple of hours per week over the course of several weeks. They often like somebody by their side, encouraging them while they make progress.

And in today’s post-pandemic world, I don’t have to be in person. I work with clients and my associates over Zoom. I live in Southern California, but I have clients and other photo coaches I mentor throughout the U.S.


Your outlook as a photo coach

Being upbeat and friendly are good qualities for a photo coach to have. A positive attitude is great along with being patient.

Remember that you’re offering products and services so families can move from being overloaded into a semblance of order.


I’ll be glad to mentor you

Office Hours with Melody Event
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

If we both feel that we’re a good fit then I’ll be glad to mentor you.

I can share from my years of experience working both part-time and full-time.

Think through your goals and what you want to achieve.

It’s important that you know exactly why you’re wanting to start any type of homebased business.

Contact me and I’ll be glad to share more.



It’s an exciting time to be a photo coach so let’s see if it’s the right opportunity for you.

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