Protecting Your Essential Documents, Including Photos, Videos, and Other Memories

TV news and social media in my area in greater Palm Spring was filled with scenes from the fast-moving Hurricane Hilary. The tropical storm swept through the desert cities stranding drivers and forcing a nursing home evacuation in places like Cathedral City.

In La Quinta where I live our weather is normally quite boring. We go from hot in the summer to beautiful weather in the winter with typical monsoon rains in late July and August. The mountains to our west and north catch most of the storms that pass through from November to March.

But sometimes, surprises hit like an ambush. And when they do, the photos, videos, slide shows, and other memories we’ve collected are in danger of being damaged or lost.

I’ve found a solution and use it personally and with my clients: FOREVER®, true permanent storage that’s guaranteed safe. I want people to be proactive, not reactive when it comes to their memories.

Scroll down and see how you can take a brief virtual tour with me to see why I’m passionate that FOREVER® is the best way to protect your most meaningful memories.


Prepare Wisely

I don’t want to outline the various risks our photos and videos take because I don’t want you to feel like you’ve got to stay in bed with the blankets pulled over your head. But in years past when our family was living in Pasadena, we had to evacuate our home due to wildfires. Our printed photos tucked in their traditional scrapbook albums had to be on the ready.

I know other friends who’ve had their treasures ruined because of flooding from broken pipes and computer hard drive crashes. I even know someone who lost her memories due to a burglary. They took her computer, hard drive, and camera which were out on their table.

Outside my home in La Quinta during record-breaking day of rain from Hurricane Hilary


Our personal items need protecting. Here’s a warning from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in a 2017 blog post (a link is at the end of this post):

“Memories can often be a casualty of natural disasters. Items we cherish, like photographs and other keepsakes, can be ruined by flood waters or destructive winds.

“When disaster strikes, oftentimes what people really miss the most are photographs—pieces of paper that somehow manage to trigger memories and prompt smiles. When photographs are damaged by a disaster it’s important to know that many times it’s possible to salvage them. They don’t necessarily need to be thrown into a debris pile.”

No need to panic. But be wise.

Do you know how to safeguard your most important documents like tax returns, licenses, and more? You can digitize those so they can be uploaded to digital storage in FOREVER®.

Now, what do you think of storing important photos, videos, and more in the cloud? Does it feel safe or … risky?

Here’s why FOREVER® is digital storage you can trust.


Peace of Mind with FOREVER®

Understand how uploading memories to social media is very different than uploading to FOREVER®.

1 Let’s start with the business model. FOREVER® is built to last … for a lifetime, plus well into the next century and way beyond. It’s permanent, digital storage and it’s guaranteed.

Other companies can’t say that.

2 You can own your space compared to renting or using free.

FOREVER® lets you take control. How?

You can own your digital space. You’re not renting with low monthly fees. You choose how much storage space you want to own with a one-time fee payable upfront or in monthly installments, and you can adapt as your needs change.

Owning means things like Terms of Service won’t suddenly be changed and you’ll be locked out of your account. Free sites seem great, but your information is being used for marketing and advertising purposes.

Data mining and other similar activities will never happen with FOREVER®, which also keeps your images in full resolution.

I’m on Facebook and I like seeing my friends share their special moments. I can easily share what I want from my FOREVER® account across social media.

With FOREVER® I can bring my most meaningful memories into one safe space.

Glance through this chart to compare:

Storage comparison chart
Only FOREVER® offers true permanent storage

3 Now look at all that you can do with FOREVER®:

Digitize older, out-of-date files like printed photos and photo albums, video tapes, 8mm home movies, slide shows and other files. FOREVER® offers an outstanding digitization service.

Screenshot of digital photo album
My main album, Travel Memories, has sub-albums or nested albums

Upload the files from your phone, laptop or other electronic device into the central place of your FOREVER® account called your Library.

Store your files and organize them in Albums and use Tags to easily identify them.

Turn your digital files into printed photo books and other gifts to give at Christmas, birthdays, and all year long.

FOREVER® is a great way to leave a legacy for future generations. And if you’re researching your family history then FOREVER® has professional genealogists who can help you get started or consult with you if you hit a roadblock.



Give me 25 minutes on a virtual tour and I’ll show you how I store and safeguard a lifetime of memories.

You’ll see the benefits of FOREVER® in use and why I’m passionate that it’s the best way to preserve your legacy.

Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories®

Contact me via my website’s contact form or email me:

Your privacy is important to me and you won’t be added to any mailing lists unless you expressly wish to do so.

Try FOREVER® yourself with 2 free GB of storage space so you can experience uploading files and creating an album.

Check my Events page and join us for brief tips on using FOREVER® and doing fun things like writing your family’s story.





Your family’s story is important … and so are all those wonderful memories from past generations and the ones that you’ll collect during future generations.


You can dig in further with this blog post from FOREVER®:

A Second Chance After Tragedy


Check out the blog post from FEMA. Here’s the link:

FEMA Blog Safeguarding Memories


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