Read This if You’re Looking for the Best Home Business

Are you looking for the perfect home business, or the best home business to operate that fits your lifestyle?

There’s a difference.

I don’t believe there’s a perfect home business, but I do believe you can operate a business full-time or part-time that matches your personality and is professionally satisfying.

For me, that satisfying home business is photo coaching, a career that’s spanned almost 30 years. I was a young mother who stepped out of the corporate world and wanted to build an income letting me stay at home with my small children–the ones you see in the photo above.

Why photo coaching?

You may have never heard of the opportunity, but a need exists for people like you and me to help families who are struggling to organize and safeguard their most meaningful memories.

Let’s read on and find out why photo coaching is such a great opportunity.

The platform I use for operating a key portion of my business is FOREVER® … read to the end of this post and I’ll give you a virtual tour and show you why I believe it’s a great solution.

Photo coaching is an excellent business for someone at any stage of their lives and for professionals adding to their existing portfolio of services.

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What should you look for in a business opportunity?

A business worth pursuing is one that:

  • Meets a need in the marketplace
  • Is a low-financial risk
  • Has a track record of success
  • Provides plenty of support for the business operator
  • Is trustworthy
  • Is easy to scale
  • Satisfies you personally and professionally

Here’s what you’ll be doing.

Rescue customers from photo overwhelm

We’re overwhelmed with photos and videos on just our phones. You can imagine, right?

  • The average user has around 2,100 photos on the smartphone in 2023. iOS smartphone users have approximately 2,400 photos on their phones, while Android users have around 1,900 photos on their phones.

Photo stats from

Think of how many you take at an event or even when you’re out for a walk.

About 93 million selfies are taken daily around the world.

The digital overwhelm continues happening while users still don’t know how to store and preserve their printed photos and older formats like VHS tapes, 8 mm home movies, and slide shows.

Letters are even more fragile. Here’s a screenshot of storing old letters using FOREVER® . Imagine being able to have your great-grandchildren’s grandchildren log on for a history lesson in the distant future.

Screenshot of letters stored in digital album
On the FOREVER blog One Letter at a Time.

You’ll solve a pesky problem

Storing photos and videos safely is a major issue.

And FOREVER® is unique in the photo and video storage solution industry. It’s the only permanent memory-keeping system where you can bring all your files into one safe, secure place.

Imagine, you’re offering users guaranteed storage for their memories from past decades and future photos and videos.

FOREVER® has permanence built into its business model. As technology changes and new files develop, older files are seamlessly integrated so they can be enjoyed in the future.

Photo coaches using FOREVER® are offering a solution that can store photos from the 1920s and add new ones into the 2120s and beyond.

I can imagine you’ll have a lot of questions and I’ll enjoy answering them and showing you how it works on the tour.

Old photos in a pile
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood, Pexels

Here’s a summary of benefits using FOREVER®:

  • Digitize older files like printed photos, slide shows, VHS tapes, 8 mm home movies, and documents
  • Upload and store newer files from phones and other electronic devices in one place
  • Turn digital images into printed photo books
  • Use FOREVER®’s researchers to conduct family history enquiries
  • And offer ownership to clients.

Clients own their space. They’re not renting or using it free so they don’t have to worry about intrusions into their privacy with files being used for data mining and advertising purposes.

FOREVER® has the highest ratings in the industry through Trustpilot. I’ve been working with the company for several years and I know the leadership team quite well.

How do you know if FORERVER® might be a business opportunity that’s right for you?

  1. Take a virtual tour with me. It’ll take about 20 minutes and you’ll see the features in action.

    Melody Whitehead Family picture
    Me with my husband Gerald and kids. They’re grown. I’m a grandmother and still running my photo coaching business.

Use my website’s Contact page to get in touch. Or email me directly:

Your privacy is safe with me and you’ll not be placed on a mailing list without your permission.

  1. Try FOREVER® yourself with 2 free GB of storage space. You’ll see how to upload files into an area called the Library where you create Albums and sub-Albums.
  2. Skim some of my other related blog posts and browse my About page and Events page.

Photo coaching could be great for you if you’re a:

  • Professional photographer
  • Industry services pro in areas like insurance and estate planning
  • A young mom or dad
  • In the middle of your career
  • Retired

I’m passionate about this business because I’m helping families preserve their most meaningful memories for many generations, and centuries, to come.

Photo coaching has been a great career for me and it might be one for you as well.


Learn with Us Online

Visit the Events page on my website.

Join us for free and fun online events to learn how to get the most enjoyment and use from your FOREVER® account like writing your family’s story.

We offer regular online classes to help you learn all about FOREVER®. You’ll get to ask questions and interact with others.


Your family’s memories and story are unique to you.

Safeguard the memories that will comfort loved ones and inspire future generations.


Here’s a good resource to look into from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

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