Research Your Family History and Safely Store Your Old Media Files

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Bring your family history to life through genealogical research and old files; Photo by George Milton from Pexels


You dig in a closet and come across a box that has old photo albums and a round tin can. You open it and see reels of old home movies that you watched as a child.

Now you wrestle with some thoughts:

There were relatives in that movie and you’d like to know more about them.

But how do you safely and easily convert the file for today’s digital age?

In my career as a photo coach, I’ve always helped my clients protect, or safeguard, their memories while helping them journal so the photos come alive.

Now, there’s another way of making your family’s history exciting and meaningful.


Combining family research and old photos, films

Our family photos, old movies, slide shows, and videos are among our most treasured possessions. They connect us with our past and shed light on who we have become.

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What pictures are stacked on your shelves and what media is ready to convert? Photo by Don Simkovich.

And, yet, they can also seem one-dimensional.

If you do genealogical searches on family members, then those stories will also have meaning. But they don’t have the same depth as photos, films, and videos.

Combine the media with professionally researched stories to glean information that you may not even know existed.

It’s an exciting time to offer both media conversion services with experts who can help you uncover news about your family. You may have dug into your family tree but could miss exciting developments.

Let’s look at both those services.

Media conversion

We all know how technology has changed and I’ve witnessed huge changes while coaching my clients on how to organize and store their photos.

Scanners were once a big deal.

I help the families I work with to safely and efficiently convert their slide shows, films, videos into media that can be accessed and enjoyed in our digital age.

There are a lot of enterprising companies that offer conversion services, but not all of them will keep their work in-house and in the U.S. Sometimes the media gets shipped outside the country and you’re not aware.

Or the media is returned to you on a thumb drive, disc or other technology that’s either outdated or will soon be outdated.

I’ve found a way to convert old files and safely upload them and store them in a digital album that is completely yours. It’s a space that you own. There’s no data mining or advertising made off your content.

The album is guaranteed to be usable for a lifetime plus 100 years. The reason is that continual updates are planned as technology changes.

That sets the foundation for your making your genealogy as alive and relevant as possible.

Family History Research

Researching your family history can be fun. If you’ve been an avid hobbyist you’ve learned a lot about all of the relationships and how they are entwined. But it’s possible to uncover facts and stories that you didn’t know about.

That’s why consultations with professional family history researchers are available.

For an hour or several hours spread over a few months, you can really get the scoop on your family relationships going back many generations.

Unique Gifts, Your Legacy

You can give a gift of research for the family in addition to creating special memories with photo books and other accessories.

It’s important to realize how much of a legacy your life and the lives of your family members are.

The value of your memories will truly last not just a lifetime, but lifetimes for many people.

I’m here to help

Melody Whitehead
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories

I’ve been a photo coach for 26 years and I love what I do. I’ll be glad to answer questions and learn about your needs.

Contact me and let’s chat.










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