Saving those football memories and tips for shooting good football photos

Football season is kicking off for all ages.

Now’s the time to get ready and store those football photos and videos so you and your kids—and your great-grandkids—can look back on them, relieve memories, and learn how the sport has changed.

Family with daughters in USC outfits
Can you tell who our favorite collegiate team is? A peek into our family history, dated 2000.



Okay, you can guess by this photo taken when my kids were younger what my favorite college football team is.

When we take pictures and videos of our kids’ sports, we’re often saving them so we can look back and see how our kids have grown over the years.

I want to change your thinking. Plan to store all of your most meaningful memories so they’ll last well beyond the next century.





Store Your Memories for Many Lifetimes

The photos you take this football season, or whatever sport your child plays, is something to save for future generations. That way, the grandkids of your great-grandkids will get to see a lifetime of changes in their favorite sport and learn about the family members who played.

How do you save these treasures?

I use FOREVER®, a true permanent storage solution, and an all-in-one memory-keeping system.

And I’d enjoy giving you a virtual tour.

Scroll to the end of this post to contact me and get tips on taking good football photos and videos.

3 photos to show different eras


Here’s my grandfather posing for a photo in 1924 during his senior year in high school.

Looking back on sports is like a history lesson. Look at that uniform and the clunky looking helmet. Imagine. This picture was taken 99 years ago and storing it in my FOREVER® album means it’ll be available for many more generations to come.



Young woman in cheer outfit circa 1970s
In my cheer outfit from 1978



Cheerleaders are a part of our sports culture, as well. Here’s my high school cheerleading pic … almost five decades from my grandfather’s photo.

The same enthusiasm I brought into cheering is similar to the energy I’ve brought to my photo coaching business, now spanning a few decades and beginning when I was a young mother.








Now, here’s a memory of a more recent era with my son’s senior picture from LaSalle High School in Pasadena.

High school football player kneeling
My son in 2007, his senior year

Compare his uniform to my grandfather’s … and also notice the turf field. This photo, taken in 2007, shows how the game has changed.

How do you think football uniforms, fields, and the game will change in the next 50 years to 100 years?









These pictures are available in my FOREVER® storage albums, an online memory-keeping system where storage is guaranteed for a lifetime and well beyond the next 100 years.

Why do I use FOREVER® and why has it been so important for storing my memories? Here are some reasons:

Ease of use, plus it truly safeguards files permanently. Guaranteed.

Digitizing older file formats like 8mm home movies and slide shows and handwritten letters is convenient using FOREVER®’s service

Storing your memories and choosing which ones to keep and which ones to delete is easy thanks to the FOREVER® interface, also called the Library.

Organizing your memories into Albums and Nested Albums helps you arrange photos in logical sequences that will make them easy for others to find in the distant future. Tags are identifiers like someone’s name that you can type in to pull up all the places where that tag is found.

Here’s a glimpse of my father and mother’s FOREVER® storage album.

Shot of Digital Photo Album from Melody Whitehead's Parents
My parents’ digital album with their photos from childhood to senior years in one place

We know that print is still important because you want to celebrate your memories. FOREVER® makes it easy to turn your digitally stored photos into printed photo books and other gifts that you can give as “Thinking of You” surprises or gifts year-round.

The memories we store and save become part of our family’s legacy and family history.

FOREVER® offers professional genealogists for consultation or in-depth research for those digging into their family’s history.

I can show you all of these benefits on the tour.


Football Photo Tips

Taking quality photos and videos is important, too, so here are some tips for taking your best possible football memories with input from the New York Institute of Photography.


Begin with 3 specific objectives:

  • Know what you want the subject of your photo to be
  • Focus your shot on the subject
  • And try to cut out distractions

Keep this 4th truth in mind, too: Be realistic.

The shots from college and the NFL that you see on sites like Fan Sided or Sports Illustrated are captured by pro photographers who know how to use their lens and they’re taking dozens or hundreds of shots from the sidelines.

If you’re sitting in the bleachers on a Friday night and your smartphone or digital camera is iffy with the lighting then take shots right before the ball is snapped or right after the play is completed.

Our imaginations fill in a lot so you don’t have to capture all the action.


Show the ball. While not every picture has to show the ball, many cry out for it. The good news is that in football, the ball is usually visible.

Does your team’s star player (or your player) have signature moves? Anticipate where he’ll go.

A link to the full article is below.


Take the FOREVER® Tour

Give me 30 minutes and I’ll show you how to store a lifetime of memories using FOREVER®. It’s the best and most complete solution of its kind available. Guaranteed.

Contact me via my website’s form or my email:

I respect your privacy so you’ll not be placed on a list unless you specifically ask.

Here are other great ways to learn more:

1 Try FOREVER® yourself by clicking here to get 2 free GB of storage space. You’ll see how to upload photos, videos, and see how to make Albums and Nested Albums.

2 Visit the Events page on my website and drop in on a brief session to dig in more closely on FOREVER® or do something like writing your family story.


Storing your family’s memories is part of leaving your legacy for your children and grandchildren. And, thanks to FOREVER being true permanent storage … you can also leave your legacy for your grandchildren’s great-grandchildren and beyond.


Learn More

Here’s a link to the article on taking football photos:

How to take great football photographs Part 1



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