Start A Home Business Helping Families Declutter by Digitizing Treasured Photos, Videos, and More

If you’re looking for a personally fulfilling business you can operate from home, consider becoming a photo coach. I’ve been one for almost 30 years and the future for this little-known business opportunity is bright.


Families need help decluttering by digitizing their most meaningful photos and videos.

Woman with measuring tape and stack of photo albums
Imagine how much space you can save by digitizing

Consider this about the impact of clutter:

Do you want less clutter but you are too overwhelmed to begin? Many of us struggle to keep up with the clutter in our lives. Over time, people accumulate unused and unnecessary items, cluttering their homes, garages, and basements, University of Illinois Decluttering Your Life.

Unfortunately, what we treasure ends up in the clutter category and we can’t enjoy those videos of our parents, children, or grandchildren.

Stacks of slides, photos, videos

I help my clients follow a system to journal their most meaningful memories.

And they appreciate it because “printed photographs evoke a sense of nostalgia more often than any other keepsake,” according to a survey by the shipping and storage company Life Storage.

And photos printed on film aren’t just for people of my generation.

Over 83% of young adults ages 18 to 24 hold onto printed photos, says Life Storage while 92% of us older than 55 keep them as well.

Links for both quotes are at the bottom of this post.

The need to help families digitize is much greater than my ability to meet on my own so that’s why I invite you to look into this business opportunity.  You can be at any stage of life such as a young mother like I was when I started my business in 1995, a mid-career professional, or heading into retirement from your working years.

You can have a blueprint that I’ve developed and the tools to be successful so you can begin helping families who want to enjoy the legacy of their photos, videos, and slide shows, but don’t know how to digitize them in the best way possible.

3 benefits of digitizing

We live in the digital era and here’s a summary of the benefits of digitizing client files.

  1. Decluttering is one of the biggest reasons to digitize printed photos and outdated media like home movies and VHS tapes.

As a photo coach, you can help clients learn how to go through media that’s packed away in boxes in storage units, garages,  or scattered in desk drawers and closets. Clutter has a way of dragging us down and prevents us from truly enjoying the memories that have been captured.

Different photo projects
Different photo projects

Digitizing saves space and tackles clutter and gives peace of mind.

  • Safekeeping is another benefit of digitizing photos, videos, slide shows, handwritten letters and more. Do you know families who live in the paths of hurricanes and are at risk for tornadoes?

I’m from Southern California and I’ve lived near hills filled with brush and know what it’s like to evacuate when fires are raging.

In addition to natural disasters, I’ve known friends whose homes have had water pipes break , ruining their memories.

Not all digitizing is equally effective. Another friend of mine had her home broken into when she was only gone for about 15 minutes. Her laptop with flash drive was on the kitchen table in addition to her camera. They were swiped in a moment and years of digital images were lost.

So I can show you how I help clients digitize safely in the cloud where it’s guaranteed safe.

  • Digitizing safely in the cloud.

Digitizing lets you get files ranging from printed photos and handwritten letters to Super 8 home movies and VHS tapes into the cloud. In my system, the files are guaranteed safe For your lifetime plus 100 years with a goal beyond.

A glimpse into how I help clients digitize

In the early days of my business, film was the medium in use and as digital entered our lives, I adapted and bought a scanner to digitize. Now, I use the platform FOREVER®.

Man and woman sitting at camera and computer with images
Digitization is done with great care

The digitization process is easy, the digitization team at FOREVER® has an impeccable rate of customer satisfaction and the pressure is off you.

This is a reason why being a photo coach and using the system I’ve laid out and the tools I tap into make this a highly profitable home business with a low investment.

Let’s connect and I’ll share more about my career and how you can profit.

Professionals who want to add to their portfolio of services can add photo coaching since you’re helping families preserve their legacy for many generations to come.

Are you a:

  • Photographer
  • Estate planner
  • Accountant
  • Or other service provider?

Browse my website and you’ll see that digitization is only one of several services I offer and use with my clients like:


Printed photo books and gifts

Family research

I’ve been able to scale my business nationally from my home office. It takes work and requires that you have the mindset to run your service as a business and not as a hobby, but the end result is satisfying, knowing that you’ve helped many families along the way.

Take a closer look

Let’s visit and I’ll answer questions you may have about running your own photo coaching business, how I’ve built mine successfully, and why I believe the future is brighter than ever for this niche.

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Contact Melody for a photo consultation

Contact me here or click Book a Session on any of my web pages.

Let’s help more families declutter, digitize, and help them enjoy their legacies.

Here are links to the quotes from above:

University of Illinois Introduction to Decluttering

Life Storage survey on saving printed photos

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