The Benefits of Giving a Mother’s Day Gift of Photos and Storage

Moms who value family will enjoy a gift that brings all ages and generations together—family stories told through your photos like the one you see of my mother, my daughter, and me during a Mother’s Day celebration at my daughter’s preschool in 2004. And the way that they’re done, ensures that the photos will last well into the next century and beyond. Guaranteed.

Read on and see what giving photos as a gift does for mothers of all ages.


Aging Mothers

In the mid-90s, I was a younger mother and just starting my photo coaching business when I worked with my grandmother to journal her photos in traditional scrapbook albums. We went back to my great-grandparents in the early 1900s and I taught my mother how to preserve her own childhood photos and my father’s family photos.

Young mother with children, her mother and grandmother

I also worked on my family photos. Together, we ended up with several dozen family albums. Fortunately, I was able to easily digitize the album pages through the services of FOREVER®, a company that’s a one-stop-shop for your family photos in the digital age. I now have peace of mind they are safe from a disaster.

The albums allow my family to relive memories and re-discover our family’s life anytime and now that they are digitized, we can easily view them anytime through our mobile device. We were able to take the traditional scrapbook albums and print them in easy-to-use photobooks.

As my father entered a care facility, some of those photo books were a bright spot in his life, especially during the time of the COVID shutdown.

He passed in early 2021 and my mother settled in a retirement home where the photos are a comfort to her and give us a way to have conversations that stimulate her thinking.

Photos give joy in a person’s later years.


Mothers in the Mid-Years

Mother with teen son
Important moments with our kids come at every stage of life; photo by Rodnae Prod, Pexe



Life is dynamic when dealing with career ups and downs and caring for teenage children or younger and keeping an eye on aging parents.

You’re sandwiched.

Photos from this time take you back to your own childhood and give you a way to remember the important moments your children had. As you go through the work of parenting, you can also appreciate your own parents more.



If you’re entrepreneurial-minded then becoming a photo coach may be a good way to transition into a second career and home-based business.


Younger Mothers

For moms just starting out, you’re overwhelmed with the craziness of little kids demanding your attention and soaking up your emotional reserves like they’re sponges.

Mother kissing baby on forehead
Photo by Yan Krukov, Pexels

Organizing and storing family photos lets you do more than just snap pictures of their activities. You can teach them about life from years past and tell them stories of the heroes in your family. You don’t have to keep every photo. It’s important to have a photo system for managing them that you can keep up.

Some moms can be like me and become photo coaches and start a business from home with a mentor like myself.


Versatility with Photos as Gifts

One of the smartest business decisions I made in my photo coaching career was tapping into the services of FOREVER ®.

You can give the gift of photos in several ways:

The Gift of Storage

FOREVER ® lets you own your digital space. Based on how much space you need you either purchase a one-time payment or 24-month payment plan. This makes it yours instead of renting or using free space on a site. On those sites, you can get locked out at any time and the Terms of Service can change without warning. Most sites own your digital rights and they data mine your contents.

Give the mother in your life the gift of photo storage so she can safeguard the family’s memories.


The Gift of Organizing Photos with Her

Organizing photos by using FOREVER® lets you get creative in your gift-giving.

#1 Give her the gift of your time.

Work alongside your mother to choose photos, arrange them in her digital album, and write descriptions. One of my friends has a wonderful story on how she’s done this with her aging father. Scroll to the end of this post to learn from Kathy.

#2Purchase a FOREVER® Box to help her digitize her current printed photos and and out-of-date media files like videos, slide shows, and more.

#3 Use the digital artistry tool available through FOREVER® to create photo books and print on coasters from your virtual albums.


Give Her the Gift of Starting an Album

Surprise her with a few pictures uploaded and descriptions written. Show her how easy it is to get going.

Family Photo in FOREVER
The FOREVER digital album makes storing photos convenient and safe

Photos are Gifts that Last

Permanent storage is reality with FOREVER® since the photos are guaranteed to last a lifetime plus much more than a hundred years—guaranteed. The company stays current on the use of technology with a fund that channels a portion of each owner’s fees into research and development.

I can confidently say that I safeguard your memories.


Ask Me More

Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me (Melody) and mom today


Contact me if you have questions about organizing and journaling photos, storing photos and other files permanently, or starting a home-based business as a photo coach.

I love to share from my experiences and from the experiences of my team members who are active throughout the U.S.

Meet some of my friends during online events where you can learn to write your family story. It’s fun and encouraging. Check my Events page for times and dates.






Learn more about working with your senior parent by reading the post featuring Kathy Story:

Strengthening Family Bonds by Organizing and Storing Family Photos.


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