The Best Digital Storage Solution for Photos, Videos, and More

Karen Goldberg knows digital storage is the best way to manage photos, videos, and other memories. But not all digital storage is the same and there’s only one solution she truly trusts.

Technology Ups and Downs

Technology is now woven into our daily lives, but when technology changes and becomes obsolete you’re in danger of losing important photos and videos of vacations, graduations, and holiday gatherings.

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Karen enjoyed scrapbooking and originally used software to work with her digital files, but she saw the limitations. “If you don’t have someone keeping up with software updates then at some point the software is going to stop working.”

It’s like keeping up with smartphones.


Typical smartphones have about 2,100 photos stored ( and we upgrade to new versions about every two to three years.

Have you always kept 100% of your files when you’ve upgraded to newer phones?

Karen hasn’t. “I know on some old phone I no longer have that there are probably some important photos I’ll never recover.”

Cloud storage

Cloud storage, of course, is popular and practical and has made loading software onto our hard drives almost totally obsolete. The quality of cloud storage is minimized though because most companies will compress your original files.

“So when you pull off a photo,” says Karen, “it’s tiny because they’ve compressed it and compressed it to reduce the storage costs.”

Permanent Storage, Guaranteed Safe

Through her scrapbooking friends, Karen heard about FOREVER®, an all-in-one memory-keeping system that she discovered is a true, permanent storage solution and is guaranteed safe. A key benefit the company offers is the convenient digitization of older media files in its state-of-the-art facility outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Digitizing old files

Karen appreciates the ability to digitize her older files like her wedding videos.

“My wedding videos were on VHS tapes. I don’t have a VHS tape player and the tapes were slowly degrading. I also have lots of photos predigital so now that they are digitized, they’re safe and I can access my files from anywhere.”

Slide of family in South America
A vacation slide from Karen’s childhood now saved for generations

During her childhood, Karen’s father enjoyed capturing special moments on slides.

“My whole childhood was in slides. Often on Friday night, Dad put up a screen and we watched slideshows.”

When Karen started using FOREVER® she realized the slides were images she hadn’t seen in years. “I knew I had to do something or they were going to be lost.”

Keeping old and new memories in one place

Slide of family 1970s on vacation
Karen’s family vacation slides are easily shareable from her album

She sent her slides to FOREVER®’s digitization team and now has those files in the same storage platform as her wedding photos,  along with the newest photos and videos that she takes on her phone and uploads using the FOREVER® app.

Karen has made FOREVER® a family project and has worked with both her father and mother to document their family histories and she shares her digital albums with her sisters.

FOREVER® also has a feature for collaborative albums for sports teams or groups from houses of worship who want to document an event and share the photos with multiple users. Those users can have access to just the one specific album that has been shared with them.

Karen’s digital albums

Photo of Album trip to Paris and Athens
Karen chronicled her trip to Paris and can quickly find her memories.

Karen has started unique collections in her FOREVER® account with an array of digital albums. “My vacation album is my favorite. In March, we went to Paris and I made a main Album for that vacation and then I made nested albums for each day. I can easily find photos of us at landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or if I want to know what I did on another day I can find that quickly.”

She substitute teaches in middle school and high school and has an Album “Adventures in Teaching” with photos and notes of her experiences.

Family recipes are also important and she’s adding those to a recipe album in FOREVER®.

FOREVER®’s versatility

The platform is versatile.

Photos and videos can easily be turned into printed photo books and gifts to give during the holidays and during special occasions all year long.

Families can use FOREVER® to consult with professional researchers on either getting started with researching family history or using the services to get past roadblocks.

Karen invites you to try FOREVER® with 2 free GB of storage space

Storing memories as a business

Karen has always enjoyed scrapbooking and saving her most meaningful memories. She’s an ambassador with FOREVER® and has turned her enjoyment of the service into a business.

Screenshot of woman looking at camera with photo info on right
Karen’s Teaching Adventures Album

She’ll gladly speak with anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit for either a full-time home business or a profitable side-hustle and show all that FOREVER® offers.

She shows families and groups how to safely digitize older files, store their memories, and organize using digital Albums.

FOREVER® also has a deeper meaning. “It’s about leaving your legacy,” she says. “And it’s about leaving the story of your family history for future generations.”

Scroll down to contact her by email or with a phone call.

Why does Karen trust her memories to FOREVER®?

She says FOREVER®’s customer service is among the best client care of any company in any industry. It’s one of the reasons FOREVER® has the highest ratings on TrustPilot for any company in the photo storage segment.

FOREVER® is the only company that guarantees the memories you store with FOREVER® will be preserved, protected, and available for your lifetime plus 100 years, with a goal of keeping your content safe and available for many generations beyond.

This is made possible through the FOREVER® Guarantee Fund. When you buy FOREVER® Storage, a large portion of your payment is invested into this fund, which pays for the recurring maintenance and preservation costs of your FOREVER® Storage including migrating obsolete files to current, newer file formats with no added cost to you, your family, great-grandchildren and beyond.

Ask Karen About Your Photos, Videos and More

Woman looking at camera with hand on chin
Karen Goldberg, Photo Coach & FOREVER Ambassador

Karen will enjoy answering questions you might have about storing files or seeing if FOREVER® could be right for you as either a home business or service to add to your existing professional portfolio of services.

Call her: 310-339-2771


Try FOREVER® with 2 Free GB of storage space.

Interested in a home business as a photo coach?

Ask Karen and click here t to learn more about photo coaching.

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