The Best Way to Safeguard and Store Photos, Videos, and Other Memories

Kelly Quezada is a friend of mine and a business owner who uses FOREVER® to digitize old files and store them along with the newest photos and videos she takes.

She knows the value of digitally storing photos, videos, and documents. But she’s also learned the hard way that not all digital storage like flash drives and laptops is safe.

Here’s what happened.

Her house got burglarized.

Woman in brown T-shirt smiling
Kelly uses FOREVER to store her family’s memories and business files.

She had her family were having their house worked on when something awful happened.

“I had photos of my kids’ younger years stored on flash drives and they were in a packet on the kitchen table near an open window. I had to go pick up my kids and was only gone fifteen minutes.”

Her son’s backpack, her laptop, and camera case were also on the table and everything was taken and vanished. She never recovered any of the items that she believes were swiped and taken.

“I lost three years’ worth of photos of my kids when they were little.”

The heartbreak showed her the value of online cloud storage through FOREVER®, the most complete memory-keeping system available. FOREVER® is permanent storage, guaranteed.

With FOREVER® you can:

digitize old files,

store them alongside new ones,

and turn them into photo books and gifts. Here’s an album a FOREVER® user made to preserve important letters.

Screenshot of letters stored in digital album
On the FOREVER blog One Letter at a Time.

Storing and Sharing

I always help my clients understand that they don’t have to store all their memories. Instead, it’s important to safeguard the ones that have the most meaning to you and your loved ones.

FOREVER® is special because it’s easy for family members to store files in their personal accounts while being able to share with other family members and friends thanks to the internet. Kelly likes sharing her albums with her sisters.

“My mom has old photos that we’re able to access and the great thing is that we’ll never lose those.”

She organizes her photos in albums that are typically by year and include a family heritage album.

“They have files of both sides of the family and are broken down like a family tree. I have photos from my parents the family research that my uncles have done using pictures and documents.”

Kelly says her albums are already sorted through and it would be easy for someone in the future to access them and learn about the family’s history.

FOREVER® is a perfect tool for compiling a family’s story because the company is guaranteed to last for a lifetime plus well into the next century and beyond. If you’re in the middle of your career now and have younger children, then the files can be available to your children’s children—and their children.

Planned Updates and Digitization

Since FOREVER® is designed for long-term use from one generation to another, it’s understood that technology will keep changing.

Kelly likes that older files from the 20th century and files that are stored today will be migrated to new file formats in the future. “We can access the files at whatever the current technology is and that’s a huge selling point for me.”

Here are more benefits with FOREVER®:

Photos are easily digitized in the company’s digitization facility outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Pack them in a box that FOREVER® provides and send them to the facility where the team takes great with the most fragile of photos and then uploads them to your account and returns the originals.

“I’ve recently sent two big boxes with files to be digitized. A few years ago, I sent every 8mm film, every little videocassette and big videocassettes along with other files.”

Photos stored in FOREVER® aren’t compressed and can be accessed in their original size.

FOREVER® for Small Business Owners

Gift certifcate in package
Kelly uses FOREVER to store key business files

Kelly is also a small business owner and founder of the Lemon Drop Cookie Shop in Monrovia, California and creates unique designs printed onto her cookie creations. She uses FOREVER® to create personalized designs to client custom cookie orders. She then keeps those files safe and also has a file for the firm that helps her with public relations.

Thanks to the flexibility that FOREVER® offers, she can set permissions so her marketing people can go in and just access the specific cookies folder set up for her business.

FOREVER® is the safe way to store important business documents along with business milestones that you want to remember.

“It’s nice to know that all my memories are in one place,” says Kelly, “and that they’re all accessible for many generations to come.”

Take an Online Tour of FOREVER®

Woman with chin on hand
I love helping families safeguard their most meaningful memories

Here are 3 ways to experience the benefits of FOREVER®.

  1. Take a tour

In just a half-hour, I can show you how to digitize, store, and organize multiple lifetimes of memories using FOREVER®. I’ve been a photo coach for almost 30 years and it’s the most powerful memory-keeping system available and is highly rated by Trust Pilot.

Get in touch using my web contact form or email me directly:

Your privacy is important and you won’t be placed on any email list unless you specifically ask.

  1. Try FOREVER® with 2 Free GB of storage. You’ll be able to upload files and organize them in albums.
  2. Join an online event with me and my friends. You’ll learn the basics of FOREVER® and see how to write your family’s story. See the Events page on my website.

I was so happy to feature Kelly Quezada because she’s a great example of why storing your memories with FOREVER® is so important. Visit the Lemon Drop Cookie Shop website.

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