Turn Your Passion for Family Photos into a Home-Based Business

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If you’re looking to start a home-based business or you’re a professional wanting to enhance a portfolio of services then consider being a photo coach. It’s rewarding and you’ll be helping families protect their heritage while safeguarding their memories.

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The Need for Organizing Photos

The number of pictures being taken via mobile phones is staggering. Number crunchers will thrill to the following statistics.

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Photo by Jon Tyson, Unsplash

This was from 2012 via fstoppers.com on how many photos have ever been taken:

More pictures are taken every two minutes than were taken throughout the 1800s. It is estimated that ten percent of all photos ever taken were taken in the last twelve months.

More recently, this is from 2020 on photos captured by smartphone:

According to Keypoint Intelligence, a whopping 1,436,300,000,000 photos were taken in 2020. If like us, you skipped reading that number, that’s over 1.43 trillion!

Photos have to be selected, deleted, organized and stored properly to be appreciated, but it’s easy for users to get overwhelmed. A photo coach helps wade through the clutter and shows clients how to convert old media files to digital for guaranteed, safe storage.


How I Started a Home-Based Photo Coaching Business

My photo coaching career of nearly 27 years started when my kids were little. I had stepped out of my job in the banking industry to become a stay-at-home mom. Yet, my husband and I needed another income.  I saw a friend’s photo album and appreciated how she had it arranged.

Safeguard Your Memories™ with Melody helping a client on the computerI’m not the artsy-crafty type but I launched into my home-based business career showing friends how to organize their photos by telling stories.

More of my story is told in this blog post Another Anniversary of Organizing and Preserving Your Photos.









Photos as Assets

Woman looking at camera, wearing blue white striped shirt
Margarita Buitrago, photo coach

A colleague, Margarite Buitrago, is a financial professional who sees family photos as assets that must be protected.

“I let families know that their memories are valuables that their heirs can inherit,” she says.

She utilizes a photo storage system through FOREVER, a service that includes a cloud-based photo storage system that’s guaranteed for a lifetime, plus 100 years.

“This makes it easy and efficient to pass along from one generation to another.”

Read more about Margarite’s expertise here: How Storing Photos Online Connected a Family Across Continents.

Our photos are unique and they connect us to future generations.



Helping Family Members with Photos

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Kathy and her father Bert, organizing photos and re-kindling relationships; photo by Kathy Storie

You can start a business based on what you’ve experienced in your own life. Kathy Storie has spent a morning per week helping her 86-year-old father, Bert, look back on the photos in his life. She showed him how to upload to a safe online album and he started spending more time with his photos and less time watching TV.

She shows other families how to do the same thing as she describes in the post Strengthening Family Bonds by Organizing and Storing Family Photos.









Turning a Photo Hobby into a Business

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Kathy’s photo business has become a passion of helping others

Kathy Jones turned family photos into photo books for her adult son during his last months of life. He had a genetic disorder that also claimed her husband’s life several years later. Her story is mentioned in this blog post, Finding Joy Through Family History Photobooks with Photo Coach Kathy Jones.

Since her husband’s passing, Kathy has become a photo coach helping clients organize and arrange their photos in books that tell a family’s story.








I’m Here to Help


Office Hours with Melody Event
Melody Whitehead, Safeguard Your Memories


Contact me if you’re feeling overwhelmed by organizing photos past and present or you’re wanting to know how to convert old media files to digital.

And if you want to start a photo coaching business, I’ll be glad to tell how I’ve mentored others.

I love sharing about a business that’s been my career for nearly 30 years.



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