Why Journaling Your Photos, Videos, and Other Memories is the Best Way to Store Them

As a child, I enjoyed writing stories about family photos and as a photo coach I’ve found that journaling stories is the best way to store them. Here’s why telling stories that are brief or more extensive will let future generations enjoy your story.

Pro Tip: don’t try to save everything. Save your most meaningful memories. Read on to see how to delete unnecessary files with confidence.

Imagining the story

Setting up albums has always captured my interest. Photos let our imaginations soar. I can see a photo and relive the event or imagine what’s happening.

See the photo above? It’s me and my siblings going to church on Easter morning before vibrant color film! Read on to see how the margin is used for journaling.

As a photo coach, stories always came before the artsy approach to preserving photos. I’ve never been someone who did crafts well and I wasn’t artistic like others who can take ribbons, colored paper, photos and create a magical appearance.

Journaling photos is great and I’ve always shown clients how to write their stories using notes or longer descriptions.

My business has changed with technology during these past few decades and as the world moved from printed photos and VHS tapes into digital I changed with it. During a Hawaiian vacation in the early 2000s, I left my film behind and did my picture-taking digitally and wound up with several hundred photos.


I’d never get that many using film, but now can you see two challenges to how we used to store photos and how we store them now?

  1. Printed photos risked getting damaged, lost, or stolen.
  2. Digital photos on our smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices overwhelm us because we have so many that we lose track of what we have.

Journaling and the best cloud storage

We have to think through what we have with our photos. If we journal the most important ones, then we can delete look-alikes and other files that don’t add to the story.

The platform you use is also critical.

I store my photos in the cloud, just like so many people do. Often, I’ll upload files to Facebook, or Instagram. Others like Google Photos, Apple, TikTok and other sites and services. Those sites are temporary storage.

For permanent storage that’s guaranteed to last into the next century and beyond, I use FOREVER®.

I upload the photos, videos, letters, slide shows and other files that I believe are most important and ones that will tell my family’s story in the next century and beyond.

Do you think your files won’t last for 100 years or more? It’s hard for us to imagine beyond that length of time.

Yet, here are two photos I like showing in my blogs:

4 year old girl 1910

my grandmother from 1910 when she was four years old, and my grandfather in 1924 in his football uniform during his senior year in high school.

high school football player 1924

Here’s what I help clients do using FOREVER®

FOREVER Digitization Box
FOREVER Digitization Box

Digitize: from printed photos to slide shows, handwritten letters and more to store them safely in the cloud

Store: permanent storage lasting into the next century and beyond. Guaranteed.

Organize: organize your files into Albums and Nested Albums to find them quickly.

Print photo books and other gifts from your digital files.

Research your family history and describe the photos online. That way, people who access the files several decades from now or a century or so later will know why this was important.

Why you can delete with confidence

Here’s a phrase I use quite often: store and safeguard your most meaningful memories.

Delete the files that are near duplicates and the files that aren’t as important.

Why is that?

If you save everything, you can’t organize effectively and you can’t tell what the most important photos or videos are.

I want you to think about this.

You’re not just saving files for you and your family to look at for the next few years. FOREVER® is permanent storage. Guaranteed.

Imagine someone looking through your photos and videos in 60 years or 90 years. What do you want them to see?

You’re also saving your memories for the distant future.

I’m here to help

Want tips on journaling your stories and any help related to storing your files long-term?

On my Home page, click Book a Session and choose an available time that’s convenient.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Curious about photo coaching as a business opportunity?

This is a little-known niche business opportunity that’s been a profitable career for me for a few decades.

Families need someone to help them overcome the photo guilt they experience with being overwhelmed with digital files.

I’m willing to mentor people who’d like to partner with me so we can help more families journal and safeguard their precious memories.

Again, please click Book a Session.

These are exciting times and I look forward to helping you preserve your family’s memories or launch a new revenue stream.

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