A great way to search your family history and store your photos permanently

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Photo coaches are needed to help clients adjust from prints to digital organizing: Photo by Soragrit Wongsa on Unsplash


My passion as a photo coach is:

  • guiding my clients into organizing their photos
  • so they can tell stories
  • while giving them the best possible tools to truly safeguard their memories for a lifetime and longer

Think about this:

We live in a mobile society where change is constant.

Younger families are less likely to collect heirlooms like grandfather clocks and favorite rocking chairs. Minimal is in with open floor plans in newer homes and fewer knick-knacks on the shelves.

Photos are timeless, so your photos and their connection to your family tree are more important than ever.

There’s a new service I’m providing so read on to discover how you can use this to make your family photos more complete.


What our family photos mean

A friend of mine has a photo on his bookshelf of a man in a navy uniform. The photo was taken in the early days of World War Two and the picture is of the man who was his grandfather.

My friend, who was born toward the end of the Baby Boom era, never met him because his grandfather was killed when two ships exploded in the South Pacific. But the photo of the smiling handsome man in the white uniform and officer’s cap is still there and is now about 80 years old.

Our photos have meaning from one generation to another and they’re great ways to pass along our family’s legacy.


Knowing your family history

Your family’s history helps you and your children have a better understanding of your identity. You get to celebrate the life stories from past years that led to where you are today.

Married couple 1954 in front of car and house
From the public photo album of John A. Jack Snyder

It shows us that we don’t just live for ourselves and can give us a sense of purpose that what we do and how we act has an impact long after we’ve lived out our days.


Researching your history

It’s fun to research our lives, but it’s not easy and we often need guidance. I can connect you with specialists who can research in plans that are one month, six months or 12 months duration.

You might stumble across old family photos that will raise questions about who is in the picture and how this impacts your family. You might think that you know all the stories, but researchers can uncover details that you weren’t aware existed.

You get to consult with the researchers and listen to their stories—it’s like a treasure hunt or fun sleuthing. The research is a way to bring in the missing pieces so you have a much more complete understanding. Some users have even come across stories that landed in a local newspaper more than a century ago.


Melody’s Method combines research and photos

Remember that just snapping photo after photo isn’t necessary. Each year, you have recurring events—birthdays and holidays. Other events may seem like they’ll last forever, but they’re limited in scope like sports events and schooling. Capture a few of those key moments.

Others are milestone events like opening a business or closing one down. Moving out of a house and memorial services are also milestones to capture since they’re an important part of our history.

Always note:

  • Who is in the picture(s)?
  • What is happening?
  • When did the picture take place?
  • Where is it taking place?
  • Why is this worth keeping?

Here’s an important takeaway: Take pictures of ordinary routines, like loading the dishwasher or walking the dogs. One or two photos like that every couple of years will show how you live your life.

2 teen boys smiling
Wonderful life lessons can come from simple lessons–photo by Photo by Shawnee D on Unsplash

Safeguarding your photo collection

I’ll also show you how to safeguard your memories for a lifetime, plus 100 years in a space that you own. That means the Terms of Service won’t get changed. You’ll have the ability to create digital albums so you can share photos with only close family or friends—or no one, or everyone.

It’s easy to take your hard copy pictures, videos, slideshows, and all old media and transfer them safely and efficiently to an online space where you won’t have any marketing intrusions.

And though we live in a digital age, photo books still make great gifts, too, so you have many ways to safeguard your pictures.


How can I help?

Safeguard Your Memories™ with Melody helping a client on the computer
Melody Whitehead, right, helping a client

Contact me for a brief question and answer time.

I’ll listen to your needs and offer some solutions.

And if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, I’ll be glad to chat with you about how I built my business and have sustained it for 26 years.

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