A New Census Made Public for Researching Your Family History

A family’s story is a precious way to chronicle life from the early years through life as a senior, aging gracefully. You can see it in the digital album, above, that has photos of my father and mother–from their childhood into their years as grandparents and great-grandparents.

Their photos are stored through FOREVER®, a service I offer where your photos will be stored well into the next century and beyond.

What a way to help future generations understand and research their families.

If you’re digging into your family history, then you have a new tool that will offer new information—the 1950 U.S. Census released to the public on April 1, 2022.

Screen capture of 1950 Census Article
The National Archives spent a decade working to release the 1950 census

Let’s dig into family research.

A census is released to the public 72 years after it’s taken and the 1950 census is powered with Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and Optical Character Recognition. Notes from census takers were handwritten, of course, and some notes were hard to read.

The National Archives developed “a transcription tool to enable users to submit name updates. This will allow other users to find specific names more easily, and it provides an opportunity for the public to help the agency share these records with the world.”

More tools for the 1950 census and other records are available at HistoryHub.history.gov.

You can ask specific questions related to finding roads in specific townships or getting input on searching for the names of family members.

Historyhub begins with the 1790 census and if you want to dig into restrictions on the release of the 1950 census, read Census Records: the 72 Year Rule from the National Archives.

Family history is fascinating because it shows the people who help develop our identities while giving us a glimpse of life from decades and centuries past.


Combine Family Research with Family Photos

It’s easier than ever to combine your family’s history with family photos and, through the use of digital albums, safeguard all of those memories well into the next century and beyond.

Last month, in the blog post See How I Started My Photo Coaching Career, I shared how photo coaching was the right fit for me as a young mother who wanted a home-based business so I could stay home with my pre-school-age children.

The business is so fun and rewarding because it isn’t something that I only do for others, my family benefits from it as well like documenting our history.

During the last several years, I gave my business quite a boost by utilizing the services of a forward-thinking company, FOREVER®. Using their platform, you can own your own digital space that’s guaranteed safe for a lifetime, plus at least 100 years.

If you’re researching family history and have questions for other family members simply use FOREVER® permanent storage, an online space to upload pictures, write in details that you know under the Description tab, and then share it with close family members or distant relatives.

Screenshot of family research
Compiling my family’s history with research help

It’s a wonderful way to bridge generations and gaps in relationships that time and distance have created. Use privacy settings to determine who gets to see your photos.

Join with others in chronicling your family story from the distant past to the present, so you can show your children, grandchildren and their children how to continue adding to the story.

Make it a multi-generational project.

What if you get stuck along the way or need a nudge in certain directions?

Tap into the expertise of professional researchers with FOREVER®. They can help you if you’re stuck in searching for records from the recent or distant past in the U.S. or in other countries.

The service is especially useful to overcome language barriers before families immigrated.


I’m Here to Help

Your family history is unique and the story deserves to be told to your children and perhaps others.

Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me, Melody, and my mother


Join me and a group of friends online each month as we gather and help each other capture key moments to write our family stories. I’ve enjoyed working with my mother, Dorothy, (on the right), in preserving her family memories along with mine.

Visit my Events page to see dates, times and topics.

Contact me if you’re interested in possibly becoming a photo coach, then I’d enjoy sharing my story and mentoring you if that will be helpful.

Curious about FOREVER®? Try it out with 2 GB of Free Storage and see how to create albums, write descriptions, and upload photos.




Read last month’s post, How to Safely and Easily Digitize Your Family’s Photos and History, and read how digitizing photos has helped my mother enjoy our collection of family memories.

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