For the Love of Researching Your Family History

Man sitting with boy

This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of researching your family’s history. Connect past generations with the present day, and prepare to leave your legacy for future generations. Chronicling your family history is special and an act of love. Your family’s unique story Every family has a unique story filled with love, drama, dreams fulfilled, and […]

How to Research and Store Your Family’s History for Future Generations

Family Book from Germany

  If you’re enjoying researching your family’s history, you need a way to safeguard all the fun facts and stories you’re uncovering. You need a system to: Store new family stories Journal what your ancestors achieved and the difficulties they overcame Pass along fun stories to your children and grandchildren—and their children Developing your family […]

Bringing Your Family’s History to Life

Black and white photo of children going to church Easter Sunday 1964

This is an exciting time to research your family’s history. Here’s why. We can easily look back more than a century and find photos and documents of relatives we never knew, and we can look ahead to store our memories for the next 100 years and longer. Imagine one of your future family members doing […]

Researching Family History: Meeting His Grandfather Almost 100 Years After His Death

Man in 3 piece suit outdoors, pointing

Researching family history often starts with a natural curiosity about someone we’ve heard about and seen in photos. If you know what their occupation was you can dig deeper into their story. Now, I’m a photo coach who loves seeing how families use old photos to research their family’s history and learn something new. The […]

Researching Your Family’s History … for Future Generations

We look back when researching your family’s history but preserving your family’s stories also means looking forward. What do you want future generations to know about you and what life lessons you learned? For example, a friend of mine is now a young grandfather. When he was a kid, his grandparents lived in a home […]

5 Reasons to Use FOREVER® for Family Research and Photo Storage

Old photos in a pile

Researching your family’s history and photo storage are related. The task can begin with simple questions. Who are those people in the photos you found buried in a box in your closet or your attic? Are they cousins of your parents or grandparents … and if you learn something about them, then will that fill […]

How Well Do You Know How to Research Your Family History?

Black and white photo of women in early 20th century dress, small girl in white dress, husband in military uniform

You may have heard colorful stories but how well do you know your family’s history, and do you know how to research both your inspiring and quirky relatives? Researching your family history is like piecing together a puzzle because you’re personally affected. As you bring together the elements of your story then you have a […]

A 4-Step Strategy to Research Your Family History and Organize Your Family Photos

Old photos in a brown box

Researching your family history goes hand-in-hand with organizing family photos, home movies, and your other media files. Various tools are useful in researching your family history but how do you store the information as you find it? Here’s a strategy for uncovering the people and stories in your family line while also organizing your most […]

Researching Family History with Photos and Digitizing Handwritten Letters

Person writing letter by old typewriter

If you’re researching family history, you know that photos and newspaper clippings are great sources of information to collect and share. But there’s another part of family history that we should never overlook … family letters. Letter writing is becoming a lost art and a lost chronicling of history due to the practical speed of […]

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