Researching Your Family’s History … for Future Generations

We look back when researching your family’s history but preserving your family’s stories also means looking forward.

What do you want future generations to know about you and what life lessons you learned?

For example, a friend of mine is now a young grandfather. When he was a kid, his grandparents lived in a home in a coal-mining town with only a kitchen and living room on the first floor and three bedrooms upstairs.

The home even had an outhouse while he was in grade school and his father had attended first to sixth grade in a one-room schoolhouse down the road.

Red barn, fence, trees
Help future generations to know their family history; Photo by Pixabay, Pexels

It’s a slice of life from the 1960s and 1970s that will disappear as time moves on.

He’s even wondering if his kids and grandkids know why he moved from the East to California.

Instead of having someone piece together his family history, he could use photos, videos, and brief text descriptions to share life lessons from childhood and what motivated him to marry the person he chose and start a family.

How about you?

What do you want your children and grandchildren to know about you and pass along into the future?

Let’s look ahead.

But first, how do we save our history for the future?

Preserve Your Family’s History … FOREVER®

Photos of World War Two Vet
A screenshot of Jack Snyder’s public account on FOREVER(r)

In my nearly thirty years as a photo coach, the only truly permanent memory storage solution that I’ve found is FOREVER®.  And it’s guaranteed safe.

It’s a complete system you can use to bring all of your most meaningful memories into one place.

Here’s what you can do with FOREVER®:

Digitize all of your older files like 8mm home movies, VHS tapes, slide shows, and, of course, photos from traditional scrapbook albums.

Upload your current and future photos and videos from your phone or other electronic device.

Store and organize your files into Albums and Nested Albums.

Create printed photo books and other gifts from the photos you’ve stored digitally.

And, if you’re researching your past family history and you need a consultation on getting started or you’ve run into a roadblock, then FOREVER® family history researchers can help you.

Tour FOREVER® with me.

I’ll gladly show you all these features during a brief tour so you can see FOREVER® in action. Scroll down to contact me and let me know if you’d like to take the tour.


How Does FOREVER® Tell Your Story for the Future?

The platform is engineered and guaranteed to last for a lifetime, plus 100 years and beyond. It’s a unique business model and not even the leading social media sites or other photo and video storage companies can claim this.

Here’s something else important:

Also, FOREVER® will not delete your account if you’re no longer active.

How do you control your account beyond your lifetime?

You designate how your family can access your memories after you are gone. You can also designate an Account manager to help you if you want.

Here’s an at-a-glance chart to compare FOREVER® with other companies:

Chart Comparing FOREVER to other services
Download via Melody Whitehead

You’re in control with FOREVER®

You can own your account and your information is never used for marketing or data mining purposes.

It’s easy to control access to the albums in your account. You can set them for:

  • Private—only you can see them
  • Friends and Family—those you’ve invited to FOREVER®
  • Public—where anyone can see them


Take the Tour

In less than a half hour, I can show you FOREVER® in action. You’ll see the features and get a better understanding of the benefits.

Adult daughter with her senior mother
Me and mom today


Contact me through the form on my website or via my email:

Try FOREVER® hands-on with 2 free GB of storage space. You’ll see how to upload photos and create albums.

Check the Events page on my website for writing your family’s story with the photos, videos, and other memories in your FOREVER® account.






Remember, family history isn’t just looking back.

You’re saving your most meaningful memories for family members you’ll never meet to preserve and safeguard your family’s story for generations to come.



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