For the Love of Researching Your Family History

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This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of researching your family’s history. Connect past generations with the present day, and prepare to leave your legacy for future generations. Chronicling your family history is special and an act of love. Your family’s unique story Every family has a unique story filled with love, drama, dreams fulfilled, and […]

Look into this low-cost but highly profitable side hustle and home business opportunity

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If you’re looking for a low-cost side hustle or business to start from home then consider photo coaching, a business niche that’s rewarding if you enjoy showing families how to preserve decades-old wedding videos, photos of milestones, hand-written love letters, and more. Photo coaching has been my career for almost 30 years. This year, one […]

Safeguarding Your Most Meaningful Independence Day and Summer Photos and Videos

Where will you safeguard and store your Independence Day and other summer photos and videos? Remember marveling at the burst of reds, blues, oranges and other colors in the fireworks displays going off on the Independence Day? What are your favorite memories? In Pasadena where I lived for many years, a major celebration takes place […]

Researching Your Family’s History … for Future Generations

We look back when researching your family’s history but preserving your family’s stories also means looking forward. What do you want future generations to know about you and what life lessons you learned? For example, a friend of mine is now a young grandfather. When he was a kid, his grandparents lived in a home […]

Connecting Generations through Family Research

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Researching your family line means much more than gathering data or organizing photos and sorting through newspaper clippings. You can use family research to connect the generations in your family—from the youngest child to the oldest living family member. I’ve done family research using FOREVER®, the same platform I use to store all my most […]

How Well Do You Know How to Research Your Family History?

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You may have heard colorful stories but how well do you know your family’s history, and do you know how to research both your inspiring and quirky relatives? Researching your family history is like piecing together a puzzle because you’re personally affected. As you bring together the elements of your story then you have a […]

Researching Family History with Photos and Digitizing Handwritten Letters

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If you’re researching family history, you know that photos and newspaper clippings are great sources of information to collect and share. But there’s another part of family history that we should never overlook … family letters. Letter writing is becoming a lost art and a lost chronicling of history due to the practical speed of […]

How to Use Your Photos in Writing Your Family’s Story

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  Cindy Marks has always enjoyed family stories ever since her childhood in Blue Ridge, Texas, home for her and her two sisters. Photo albums and stories were a natural fit for Cindy who has become the “family historian.” As an adult, she enjoyed scrapbooking, turning photo albums into crafted works of art while she […]

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